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Keepnet has a leadership team of entrepreneurs with deep cybersecurity expertise. We also have several prominent strategic advisors, including a former CISO of a major financial company and a former leader of a SaaS platform with over 40M users.


Ozan Ucar

Ozan has been innovating in the cybersecurity space since 2006 and in 2008 he co-created a next-generation firewall technology that detected and prevented network-based attacks.

In 2010, Ozan co-founded a cybersecurity consulting company, offering a wide range of cyber-security services from training and penetration testing to forensics and incident response. In 2017, he left Cybersecurity Consulting Company to focus on developing Keepnet Labs’ range of cybersecurity products.

Ozan holds international accreditations including Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Security Analyst (ECSA), Licensed Penetration Tester–LPT (Master) and Master Penetration Tester–TSE from the Turkish Standards Institution.

Ozan is well respected within the industry. He has spoken at more than 60 international conferences, collaborated on two books about cybersecurity, and regularly blogs and comments on industry themes.He currently lives in London.


James Baker

As a passionate and entrepreneurial leader, James has a successful track record in developing vision and strategy and driving growth for fast-scaling businesses.

As a trusted Board Advisor, James brings his ability to organize processes, define a message, and deliver value and satisfaction for customers. He has particularly helped to develop and shape our strategic partnerships, guide complex deal processes, and makes valuable contributions to our project strategy and roadmap.


Erdinc Balci

Erdinç Balcı continued his long-term and successful career path, which he started as an Information Security Engineer in 2006, as Information Security Process Manager and Cyber Security Manager in many large institutions. Balcı, who has been involved in the management of many systems in the field of Information Security, has participated in many conferences as a speaker in his over a 16-year working life, took part in conferences and training that feed the information security ecosystem, and has many internationally valid certificates in his field. 

Erdinç Balcı, who has strengthened the Keepnet Labs team with important names during his role as EMEA Regional Manager, which he has been holding since July 2019, has increased the market share of the company by reflecting the experience that he gained in his working life, to particularly finance sector, all sectors and made Keepnet the market leader in certain markets. Besides, he considers bringing Keepnet technology together with all customers among its primary goals, with his Business Developer identity.


Bora Aytun

Mr. Aytun is a 30+ year veteran of building technology solutions in a wide range of industries. In the last 14 years, he’s been serving the training and education industry, building game-based training simulations designed to develop skill and affect behavior change.

Mr. Aytun specializes in constructing Natural Learning technology platforms with modular data structures facilitating the design and development of engaging learning scenarios. Keepnet’s data-driven performance evaluation infrastructure is integral to the automation of selecting the appropriate behavior change action for each individual, demonstrating their ability to recognize and block cyber threats that rely on human error.


Okan Yildiz

Okan is a versatile engineer with 8 years of experience in cyber security. Consequently, Okan has highly accomplished Software Development Lead, as well as Technical Product Owner roles in his career life.

Okan joined Keepnet Labs in 2016 and since then, he achieved different technical roles successfully, including technical improvement, product development and project delivery. Recently, Okan is advancing his career in Advisor Team of Keepnet Labs.

Okan has a sound knowledge of penetration testing especially in broadcast media and banking sectors, secure code analysis & development, incident response, application security and software development life cycle (SDLC). He has written 4 handbooks about cyber security and has given speeches at more than 20 conferences. Okan regularly blogs about the cyber security industry, as well.

Okan is adept at designing, building, implementing, managing, supporting and enhancing key technologies and solutions. Okan holds certifications such as Application Security Engineer (CASE.NET), Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA), Incident Handler (ECIH v2) and Ethical Hacker (CEH v11).


Ece Kucukkoyuncu

Ece has been holding various HR positions in IT companies such as ISPs, telecommunications, service and solution providers throughout her career. For the last 8 years she leaded HR functions of technology companies. She has hands on experience in building organizational structures and teams, developing people strategies and corporate culture as well as contributing to organizational change and development. 

Ece has worked with professionals and diverse teams from multiple regions of the world with different cultures, backgrounds and working styles. Ece is keen on following changes in HR area and she believes IT companies are perfect places to implement brand new HR trends. 

At Keepnet Labs, Ece works with a great team of enthusiastic and energetic people and of course she learns plenty of information about cyber security industry.

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