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Email Security Gap Analysis

Keepnet Labs’ Email Threat Simulator (ETS) allows you to conduct an email gap analysis to quickly assess the effectiveness of your current email security. The ETS is unobtrusive and simple to set up for a comprehensive gap analysis.

Many businesses believe that their email security architecture is adequate to defend them from cyber threats. However, it is difficult to verify its effectiveness regularly, and few do so. Throughout Keepnet Labs’ Email Threat Simulator (ETS), it is possible to perform an email gap analysis to quickly assess the effectiveness of your existing email security deployment. Keepnet Labs’ ETS is unobtrusive and easy to set up for an overall gap analysis.

One of the most critical tasks for a business is to do an information security gap analysis. This article compares your security to top security practices in general. Comparing these best practices to real-world practices reveals areas of vulnerability and risk. 

The goal of an email security gap analysis is to provide you with an overview of your organization’s security maturity or posture, as well as responses to vulnerabilities. This will provide a security baseline from which to construct a security framework to integrate security into your business planning. 


The Email Threat Simulator Module’s (ETS) Reporting option allows you to see the email security gaps in email services in great detail. The ETS module sends hundreds of emails in minutes to test security firewalls and other anti-malware solutions. 

Following the completion of the e-mail bombing, the Email Threat Simulator Module’s reporting feature offers a complete description of the emails sent. It provides statistics such as how many harmful emails were sent, how many of these emails surpassed the firewall, and what sorts of malware were used. 

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