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Outlook Desktop

Integration with the Outlook Desktop app allows you to scan, analyze, and investigate malicious emails.

Investigation of Locally Saved Emails

A malicious email cannot be located on the email server or gateway if a user stores emails locally in a .pst file.
The Phishing Reporter allows SOC teams to start a comprehensive investigation, including emails stored locally, and take needed action in response to a threat.

Investigation of Archived Emails

Malicious emails can remain hidden in an archive solution like Symantec Enterprise Vault. SOC teams may not be able to find these threats on email servers like Office 365, Google Workspace, Exchange, or others.
The seamless integration with the Phishing Reporter gives you the power to find and mitigate even archived malicious or fraudulent emails.

Fully Customizable

All of the features of the Phishing Reporter interface can be customized to feature and promote your brand. These include the ability to add your logo or brand name and design dialog messages, including choice of language.

Manage Add-in

The platform gives you the ability to manage the installation and activation of the Phishing Reporter add-in automatically by default.

Proxy Support

The Phishing Reporter add-in detects and uses the proxy settings of the user computer to report a suspicious email.

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