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1- Hackers will return focus to consumers in 2022

Research by ReasonLabs suggests that hackers will return their focus to consumers in 2022.
The detailed report claims that a number of factors have led to consumers being a more lucrative target for hackers when compared to large companies.
One of these factors is the continued shift to remote worki…

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1- Zimbra zero-day vulnerability exploited to steal emails

Attacks linked to a Chinese threat actor have exploited a Zimbra’s zero-day vulnerability and are stealing emails linked to European government and media. Researchers say that at the time of writing the exploit has no available patch. Zimbra says that more than 200,000 businesses from over 140 count… Read more

2- Edgescan partners with Manicode to revolutionise secure coding courses

Edgescan, the provider of the most comprehensive fullstack vulnerability management solution, today announces a partnership with Manicode Security, the secure coding education company. With a combination of lecture, security testing demonstration, and code review, Manicode classes are sure to entert… Read more

3- The EARN IT Act Is Back

Senators have reintroduced the EARN IT Act, requiring social media companies (among others) to administer a massive surveillance operation on their users: A group of lawmakers led by Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) have re-introduced the EARN IT Act, an incredibly unpop… Read more

4- BlackCat gang (ALPHV) linked with BlackMatter/Darkside ransomware operations

The BlackCat ransomware operation, also known as ALPHV has confirmed their former involvement in the notorious BlackMatter/Darkside ransomware operations. BlackCat/ALPHV, launched in November 2021, is a new feature-rich ransomware operation developed, somewhat unusually, in the Rust programming lang… Read more

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