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MSSP Partners

Keepnet Labs’ business model for MSSPs helps business partners to deliver the next-generation email security solution that ensures a fast return on security investment and boosts productivity.

Keepnet has been working with MSSPs to provide customers with a fully managed, multi-layered, people-process-technology oriented products to protect businesses against the life-cycle of email-based attacks.

Trusted Partners



in energy, airline, insurance and banking

In 25


USA, Europe, UK and EMEA region



are actively being protected

Fully Integrated

Integrate our solution with your CRM tools to reduce customer management, SOAR, SIEM, Sandboxing solutions to automated incident detection, analysis, and response on the platform.

Multi-tenant Management

Our MSSP-focused platform offers you the most outstanding multi-tenant management experience on the cloud, helping you to extend your partner network and onboard your direct customers, resellers, and sub-resellers and letting them onboard their customers as well.

Fully Rebranded

Our white label product allows you to use your domain name, your logo and grow your brand name while securing and training your clients against the most widespread phishing attacks.

No Annual Fees

There is no minimum commitment or initiation fee required to get started or remain a Keepnet Labs partner.

Create Your Own Marketplace

Integrate Keepnet with solutions such as Sandbox or Threat Analysis engines or upload your 3rd party, exclusive training content to generate new income.

Compliance Ready and Secure Platform

Keepnet is an ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018 certificated— and Amazon AWS hosted—cloud system with quarterly, independent PenTesting, secure code analysis, private bug bounty program, and quarterly disaster recovery test reports.

Private Cloud or On-premise Version

Keepnet provides both private cloud and on-premise installation so you can meet the strict compliance required by the government, military, intelligence services, financial institutions, and others.

Co-Marketing Activities

Plan your annual marketing activities with us. We offer fully rebranded documents such as whitepapers, brochures and comparison charts. Plus, an annual marketing plan that includes daily, weekly and monthly activities customized for your brand and scheduled to publish automatically on your social media to help increase your brand awareness, generate leads and wow your audience.

Success-oriented partner program with attractive margins

More sales, more discounts, bigger margins!

Co-sales activities and training

Boost your sales program with us, become an expert in the life cycle of email-based attacks and innovative solutions, and build credibility with your customers.

Dedicated and Ongoing Technical Support

Our professionals are at your service! We provide you with best-in-class online training, labs for hands-on practice and documentation and comprehensive troubleshooting guides.

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Use Cases

Use-case for MSSPs

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) are crucial in fighting against cyber threats, e.g., an MSSP offers you advanced monitoring, anomaly analysis, and investigation of malicious code…


MSSP Whitepaper

The evolution of cyberspace has outpaced most of our current security solutions and rapid changes in the IT world make it difficult to ensure cybersecurity for organizations. Hence, even the biggest organizations.