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Phishing, a social engineering attack, involves fraudsters manipulating victims into divulging confidential information (passwords, account numbers, proprietary data, etc.), usually via deceptive emails. Keepnet Phishing Simulator allows you to gauge your security culture with AI-powered 1600+ ready-to-test phishing scenarios in 160+ languages and trains your employees to identify and respond to these attacks.

Did you know that human is responsible for 95% of security breaches?

Phishing attacks lead to approximately $1.1 million in annual losses for businesses of all sizes, translating to more than $1,500 per employee. Approximately 76% of these phishing efforts are targeted, and criminals succeed in over 90% of spear phishing schemes.

A Technology that Empowers Employees and STOP Phishing Attacks

The advantages of implementing the Keepnet Phishing Simulator are as follows:

Return on investment

Return on investment

Potential savings of up to $200K annually, showcasing a significant return on your investment.

A Safe Testing Ground

A Safe Testing Ground

A simulated yet authentic-looking phishing environment to empower employees to learn about real-world phishing attacks in a secure setting, negating the dangers of actual data breaches or network infiltration.

Enhanced cybersecurity posture

Enhanced cybersecurity posture

Initiate a campaign within 5 minutes and see immediate results, enabling your team to promptly detect and react to phishing attacks.

Cultivation of a cybersecurity culture

Cultivation of a cybersecurity culture

Promote a cybersecurity culture within your organization and see an average increase of 89% in your employees' incident reporting.

Key Features of Phishing Simulator

  1. No Whitelisting is needed as our phishing simulator creates simulation email in the user's inbox! Permanently resolve delivery issues and focus on your business.
  2. No false clicks on reporting as we automatically detect and eliminate automated security tools clicks on simulated phishing campaigns!
  3. Customizable templates to simulate a variety of phishing attacks.
  4. Realistic MFA-themed, Data submit, Attachment, and Click-only scenarios to test and train employees' ability to identify and respond to actual phishing attacks.
  5. Automated reporting for detailed information on employee performance. Integration with Keepnet's other cybersecurity solutions for a holistic approach.
  6. Continuous improvement to keep up with the latest phishing tactics and techniques.
  7. Multilingual support for international organizations.
  8. Freedoom to use custom domain to design phishing scenarios that fits your language and culture.
  9. SSL-enabled phishing domains in your phishing scenarios that make your campaign realistic and secure while you’re improving your security culture.
  10. Fully API-driven platform to automate your tasks and integration with any solution the enhance benefits.
  11. BI tools integration for your reporting needs, including built-in PowerBI and Qlick integrations.
  12. Multiple phishing scenarios randomly delivered to your employees to improve individual security culture

What our customers are saying

“We trained 1,100 global employees, achieving an 89% phishing identification success rate within a year. This program bolstered our defenses and enhanced our security culture. Financially, we've seen a yearly ROI of $11,215, prevented losses of $154,6167, protected customer data, and safeguarded our reputation” Read More

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