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The Conflict Between Russia and Ukraine Is Getting Worse

Telegram Has Become a Cyber Criminal’s Digital Forefront

Every day the conflicts between Russia and Ukraine are intensifying, and here one of the most active participants in the collection and publication of data on the conflict in Ukraine is a group of hackers whose political views are directed dec Russia or Ukraine.

New data from the Check Point study showed that the number of cyber attacks by hackers on Ukraine during their current conflict with Russia has increased by more than 196% in the last three days alone. If we compare this figure with the attacks on Russia, we will see a striking difference, because during this time the number of cyber attacks on Russia has increased by only four percent.

Digital Forefont – Telegram

Telegram is a digital pioneer for hackers In this current cyber war between Russia and Ukraine, hackers are largely using Telegram as a digital decider. Telegram encrypted messaging application is a useful platform for cybercriminals and those who want to avoid censorship. In recent years, we have been seeing an increased activity among political activists dec use IT as a weapon to manage their online rhetoric. Resuscitation researchers showed an increase of up to 6 times compared to hundreds of group chats that occurred on February 24, when the conflict began.

The types of groups monitored groups of cyberattacks against Russia and urged followers to attack Russian targets by various means and means. Hacker groups are urging their followers to raise money to support Ukraine. Hacker groups that bypass the special news reports of major news agencies about the conflict. Attack scenario as hackers continue the trend of choosing popular messaging applications to communicate with each other, it is not surprising that cyber-hacktivists are adopting Telegram in the same way. Since the dispatch of combat/terror teams and the leaking of information, we are seeing an average of 10 new groups being launched per day, or about 1,200 users in each group, and some even have more than 250,000 users. What makes this messenger even more attractive to business-oriented ones is that its open source nature is critical not only when you need to quickly build a team, but also in terms of posting fake news updates and giving others the ability to publish or share content with licensed content.

The Different Types of Groups Seen

All these Telegram groups are deployed to jointly handle the attack, determine which target will be attacked, and share the results of their efforts with each other. Sometimes they offer to help each other attack targets – one day a group helps a group or a member of a particular group who may need help in removing a particular website.

However, currently, DDoS attacks, anti-Russian, and they point to the site of their chosen victims’ attackers to disable the user group they want to follow, and maybe some online that caused turmoil in the days, at least that’s what everyone has become very popular as an unpleasant weapon. 


  • The following are the mitigations suggested by cybersecurity experts:
  • Do not click on any links that appear to be suspicious or unfamiliar.
  • Suspicious requests should always be avoided.
  • Sending money to unknown sources should be avoided.
  • Be wary of false information.
  • Always double-check the time stamps.
  • Always follow the trail of content back to its source.
  • Check the link you receive twice.
  • Always go with reputable source.

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