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Phishing Simulator & Awareness Educator

In 2020, the global average cost of a data breach amounted to 3.86 million U.S. dollars according to Statisca (2020) and data breaches cost UK organisations an average of £2.9 million per breach. Moreover, according to Verizon, human error is the reason for 90% of breaches. These facts are enough to convince people security awareness training is important.

Security awareness training is critical since threat actors are always looking for new ways to attack and the threat landscape is continually changing. The most vulnerable asset in organisations today is people; the employees. Criminals know people can provide much more to make their exploits successful and to train people on how to identify and stop phishing phishing attacks is critical.
Keepnet’s Phishing Simulator is a cyber security program that allows organizations to send benign phishing emails that look real but are completely fake to their employees to test their users.

Phishing tests are designed to allow employees to detect phishing attacks and their variants and report them appropriately, and are also used to detect weak links and measure the effectiveness of security training programs. The Phishing Simulation module is fully-integrated with our Awareness Educator to automatically place employees who are caught by our phishing simulations onto appropriate e-learning courses to improve their vigilance to genuine phishing attacks.

In this use case document, you are going to see how different industries have utilized Keepnet Labs Phishing Simulator and Security Awareness Educator to achieve their specific goal to get protected from phishing attacks. This document will focus on the problem that these industries have been facing today, and provide
a detailed step-by-step description of how their system is secured by Keepnet Labs security awareness modules.


How Do Simulated Phishing Tests and Cyber Security Awareness Training Help The Energy Industry?

Oil and gas management and electric power systems increasingly turn to digital solutions. Thus, energy companies are becoming increasingly concerned about their defenses against hackers and criminals seeking to damage or even shut down those systems. Recent cyber security breaches towards energy companies highlight the vulnerability of the most critical systems to cyberattacks.

Today, energy companies are especially vulnerable to cyberattacks, however a structured approach that applies communication, organizational, and process frameworks can significantly reduce cyber-related risks. For this to happen, cyber security awareness training plays an important role. It provides the employees with the information they need to secure their organisation and all their sensitive data against most advanced attacks like social engineering.

Keepnet helps many energy companies around the world using cyber security awareness training that centers on multiple topics in cyber security. Keepnet uses the best security awareness training programs prepared by professionals and employ phishing simulation tools and other cyber security awareness training components together to teach users how to protect against cyber attacks like phishing, spear phishing, phone phishing, baiting, whaling, watering hole, ransomware, malware, social engineering, and other attacks.

Keepnet allows users to learn most information security essentials and defend themselves against current cyber attacks and secure their data by offering a core awareness curriculum that presents users a comprehensive security awareness training experience. Keepnet has also information security series related to Security Training for Managers and Executives which teach managers or executives’ roles and responsibilities on cyber security awareness best practices.



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Keepnet Labs protects businesses throughout the life cycle of email-based attacks, using holistic products that cover people, process and technology to prevent breaches and data loss.

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Simulate phishing attacks and provide training to increase employee knowledge about email-based threats.

Employees participate

Enable your employees to report suspicious emails via the Phishing Reporter add-in.

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Our cyber superheroes are always there to keep you out of trouble.

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