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Threat Sharing Use Case

Threat Sharing is a next generation platform that provides organisations with the ability to share real-time email-threats anonymously within trusted community groups. The platform acts as an early warning system deployed across a network of
Keepnet members, and when coupled with Keepnet’s Incident Responder, automated investigation and response to protect an
entire community becomes a reality.

Organisations can expand their identification and alert capability by leveraging the eyes in the community, avoiding increased costs
and reducing risk from email-based attack vectors.

With Threat Sharing in place, users will no longer need to directly identify a malicious attack to initiate inbox investigations, delivering faster response times and proactive protection against otherwise unknown threats.


Financial Services

A secure, resilient financial services sector plays a crucial role to a country, its economy and citizens. As a highly-prized target, this sector has a collective responsibility to prevent fraud and stop attacks against clients’ accounts, the siphoning of money, stealing of sensitive data and many are bound by regulations to share physical and cybersecurity threat intelligence. The question is, how can financial services share the vast number of email attacks using technical automation? Establishing a Threat Sharing private community and inviting those involved with financial services to join and share email-threats is a revolutionary step, i.e., sharing threats amongst organisations with vested interests in protecting their customer’s data, financial information and systems, significantly reducing financial services risk.

Benets For A Financial Organisation To Set Up A Private TS Community

  • ● Immediate insight into threats faced by the community, and their associated risks to the organisation.
  • ● Minimises threats through active awareness, monitors email threats targeting financial services.
  • ● Demonstrates inherence to additional compliance and FS-ISAC directives for data protection.
  • ● Establishes security by design, indicates to prospective partners how sternly security is taken.
  • ● Allows easily determine which providers are willing to adhere to security requirements of contracts when tendering.



A technology that covers
all phases of email attacks

Keepnet Labs protects businesses throughout the life cycle of email-based attacks, using holistic products that cover people, process and technology to prevent breaches and data loss.

Increase awareness

Simulate phishing attacks and provide training to increase employee knowledge about email-based threats.

Employees participate

Enable your employees to report suspicious emails via the Phishing Reporter add-in.

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Our cyber superheroes are always there to keep you out of trouble.

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