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Use-case for MSSPs

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) are crucial in fightingagainst cyber threats, e.g., an MSSP offers you advanced
monitoring, anomaly analysis, and investigation of malicious code
and, identifying attempted or successful security breaches and etc.
Keepnet’s MSSPs business model helps MSSPs to have different
security solutions in one platform which helps to protect MSSPs &
their customers, allowing the service provider to focus on
cybersecurity expertise for their customers.



Keepnet Labs enables MSSPs to modularize the entire solution across different clients or specific tools like incident response and orchestration. Using Keepnet Platform, business partners or MSSPs are not needed to have a full SOAR orchestration established for all clients, and they can reduce their high operational costs USing Keepnet. Our business model will help MSSPs to while label all platforms, using their own logo, and creating their own brand visibility. The multi-tenant feature allows MSSPs to cost-efficiently manage their customers and resellers and grow their business.

Keepnet is a perfect solution to the security needs of an MSSP with the following security use-cases:

Use Case 1

Use Case 1 is about a managed incident detection and incident handling service (Incident Responder) which provides direct action within the employee’s inboxes, using capabilities such as scanning in the client’s email domain, identifying the threats, and removing them. This tool is a great asset for the MSSPs that they now host an advanced phishing incident response and automation platform within their environment. Keepnet’s Incident Responder (IR) provides advanced levels of incident reporting, analysis, investigation, triaging, and automation management capabilities for MSSPs. Using IR, MSSPs can create playbooks to start the automation and orchestration processes to take direct actions against phishing attacks and to proactively fight against them.

Given the increasing number and sophistication of cyberattacks, it’s too challenging to manage incidents. This is where Keepnet IR comes in. It helps you quicken your incident response capabilities and automate tasks, which can reduce your mean time to respond by 67% and decrease the number of alerts requiring human interventions by as much as 95%.



A technology that covers
all phases of email attacks

Keepnet Labs protects businesses throughout the life cycle of email-based attacks, using holistic products that cover people, process and technology to prevent breaches and data loss.

Increase awareness

Simulate phishing attacks and provide training to increase employee knowledge about email-based threats.

Employees participate

Enable your employees to report suspicious emails via the Phishing Reporter add-in.

Support Heroes

Our cyber superheroes are always there to keep you out of trouble.

Patent Pending Technologies

Keepnet’s unique technologies help you keep your organization secure.

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