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Test and Harden Your Email Security in 2 Minutes!

Did you know 82% of email attacks bypass Secure Email Gateways?

Despite built-in security features, 78% of all malicious emails originate from Office 365 and Google Workspace users. It's concerning that 82% of soft threats go undetected, revealing the urgent need for more robust security strategies on these platforms against email threats.

Key Benefits of Email Threat Simulation (ETS)

  • Find vulnerabilities in your Secure Email Gateway by sending 1000+ real-world attack vectors.
  • Harden your Office 365, Google Workspace, and Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) for full protection.

The popular secure gateway solutions that we test and help you to fix vulnerabilities:

Proofpoint - Mimecast - Barracuda - Microsoft Defender & Google Workspace - Microsoft 365

Success Stories

“In the payment industry, robust email security is essential. Keepnet's Email Threat Simulator has been a pivotal asset for us, delivering remarkable ROI. It's elevated our email blocking efficiency from 35% to 97%. The tool's ongoing monitoring and feedback empower us to bolster our defenses against evolving cyber threats. It's become an indispensable part of our email security strategy.”

James Stone - CISO of Global Payment Company

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Automate the launch of phishing campaigns

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Easily integrate with current tools

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Deliver training through your LMS

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Go beyond current tools to simulate social engineering methods

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Provide comprehensive reporting

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Deploy Simulations

Deploy simulations as a service

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Phishing Campaigns

Make sure phishing campaigns are delivered

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Use all the necessary phishing tools in a unified platform

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Keep training content new, exciting, and diverse

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How it works:

Email Registration for Testing: Provide your business email, such as, to initiate the security test.
Sending Attack Vectors: ETS will safely send over 1000 attack vectors to your test inbox.
Detailed Security Analysis Report: Get a comprehensive report on attacks that bypass your security solutions and remediation.
Vulnerability Fix and Ongoing Monitoring: After identifying vulnerabilities, apply fixes and retest for enhanced security or set up a continuous scan for new threat vectors.
Executive Briefing: Share the report, including your score, with your executive team!
We only require a valid email address to initiate a security test. Overall, the test usually takes 2 minutes!
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Get detailed reports on mitigating the attacks that bypassed your secure gateway security solutions.
See your human misconfigurations on your email security to fix them.