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A Success Story on Email Security

Learn how our client fortified their email defenses, reduced potential losses, and increased their ability to identify malicious emails by 97% with ETS.

A Success Story on Email Security


As a renowned player in the global payment industry, our client has a substantial global presence with a diverse team of 3200 employees across 23 locations worldwide. Despite their significant investments in security measures such as firewalls, anti-spam systems, and Sandbox environments managed by their in-house IT team, they were constantly attacked by sophisticated phishing scams that evaded these measures.

The phishing threats put their assets and reputation at risk and caused stress among their employees. They needed a solution to test and improve their Secure Gateway Solutions, ensuring a robust defense against these phishing threats. After searching for solutions, they found that Keepnet offered a comprehensive, automated, and scalable solution to their challenges.

Keepnet's Email Threat Simulator was designed to test and improve our client's Secure Gateway Solutions. It provided continuous monitoring and feedback, making it a perfect fit. They liked the continuous scanning feature, which monitored email security risks and tracked progress.

Successful Outcomes

  • The potential financial loss was reduced by $4,408,200 per year.

  • In just 12 months, the client's malicious email blocking efficiency improved by 97%.

Decoding the Impact of Phishing Attacks

Without a well-designed defense against phishing, our client was exposed to substantial threats. The challenge of phishing security was particularly complex due to their vast international operations. The potential consequences of these attacks cannot be overstated - a single successful phishing incident can cost businesses an average of over $1 million.

  • Regulatory Obligations: In their industry, our client is bound by regulations that necessitate regular employee training on cyber threats. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in severe legal penalties.

  • Financial Consequences: Successful phishing attacks leading to data breaches or ransom demands could result in substantial monetary losses.

  • Reputational Damage: Any data breach could erode trust among clients, employees, and partners, potentially damaging their hard-earned reputation.

  • Operational Interruptions: Addressing suspicious activities or mitigating actual attacks could disrupt normal business operations, impacting productivity and bottom-line results.

  • Identity Theft and Fraud Risks: Phishing attacks often aim to steal sensitive information, opening the door to identity theft and possible fraud.

“In the payment industry, robust email security is essential. Keepnet's Email Threat Simulator has been a pivotal asset for us, delivering remarkable ROI. It's elevated our email blocking efficiency from 35% to 97%. The tool's ongoing monitoring and feedback empower us to bolster our defenses against evolving cyber threats. It's become an indispensable part of our email security strategy.”

James Stone - CISO of Global Payment Company

Potential Loss Prevented

The average loss per incident


Blocking efficiency increased

from 35% to 97% in one year

The total potential loss prevented: $4,408,200 annually

How Keepnet Stepped In:

With Keepnet, our client hardened their SEGs and blocked soft threats with the following achievements:

  • Imitate Real Threats: By simulating more than 700+ actual attacks, the client proactively tested the effectiveness of their defense mechanisms (secure gateway solutions), ensuring preparedness against real-world threats.

  • Visualize Exposures: Through comprehensive assessments, the client gained valuable insights into their systems' vulnerabilities and weaknesses. This clear visibility allowed them to identify potential entry points.

  • Remediate Gaps: The client addressed and closed security gaps discovered during the evaluation process. By implementing appropriate measures, they effectively mitigated risks and bolstered their defenses.

  • Resolve Security Misconfigurations: The client identified and rectified missing or poorly configured email security options, fortifying its email defense.

  • Progress Tracking: Detailed, timeline-based reports on scan results enabled constant monitoring and readiness against email attacks.

Operational Results

  • Enhanced Security ROI: By addressing vulnerabilities, the client boosted their email blocking efficiency from 35% to 97%.

  • Efficient and Cost-Effective: The security checks do not disrupt the client's work and save time.

  • Address the Security Skills Gap: Our client resolved the cybersecurity skills gap and strengthened protective measures.

Strategic Results

  • Potential Savings: Our client prevented $4,408,200 potential loss annually.

  • Continuous Protection: Like 24/7 security, ETS helped the client check for weak spots, providing ongoing protection.

  • Optimizing Investments: The client assessed the effectiveness of their investments and optimized their security spending.

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tickTest your secure email gateway solutions with over 1000 malicious email attack vectors to assess your email security posture.
tickReceive detailed reports on attacks that bypassed your secure gateway, and identify your vulnerabilities.
tickIdentify and fix human misconfigurations in your email security.

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tickUse our AI-driven human-centric platform with Autopilot and Self-driving features to efficiently manage human cyber risks.
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