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Unlock new revenue streams, obtain industry-leading margin and offer your customers the complete Human Risk Management security solution.

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Tap into the power of our pioneering Human Risk Management Platform, crafted to reduce human-related risks and cultivate a robust security culture. With our cutting-edge products, elevate your business, multiply your revenue potential 6x, discover profitable opportunities, and carve out a unique position in the cyber security market.

Did you know partnering with us could unlock an average of $2 million in revenue annually?

Channel partners without an Extended Human Risk Management platform likely miss up to 40% of sales increases. Without our solution, they're overlooking valuable greenfield opportunities and sacrificing potential growth, with a chance to tap into an average of $2 million in revenue from the SMB market alone. Hence, partners need to weave Human Risk Management into their portfolio, enabling them boost sales, maximize profit margins, and ultimately expand their businesses.

Elevate Your Business Success with Keepnet!

Explore the advantages of harnessing the power of Keepnet's Human Risk Management platform.

Driving Business Expansion & Profit

Driving Business Expansion & Profit

  • Unlock Revenue Avenues: Embrace marketplace models for security awareness and threat detection, paving the way for fresh revenue channels and cross-selling potentials.

  • Optimized Profit Margins: Our user-centric subscription model ensures you pay only for what you use, facilitating upselling and cross-selling. Benefit from our volume-based pricing for cost efficiency.

  • Joint Marketing & Sales Initiatives: Strategize yearly marketing with our fully customizable documents and tailored social media content. Boost your sales strategy with our collaborative sales activities and specialized training.

Robust Cybersecurity Offerings

Robust Cybersecurity Offerings

  • Beyond Conventional Products: Dive into Keepnet's suite of unique products, including Voice Phishing (Vishing) Simulator, SMS Phishing (Smishing) Simulator, MFA Phishing Simulator, and Threat Sharing. Enhance your cybersecurity range and deliver comprehensive solutions to clients.

  • Unified Platform: Keepnet's unified suite features also include the Phishing Simulator for real-world threat training, the Incident Responder for timely security actions, Threat Intelligence for data leak monitoring, the Email Threat Simulator for testing email defenses and misconfigurations, and the Phishing Reporter, enabling users to alert your SOC team and analysis engines about suspicious emails. This unified platform ensures channel partners have a comprehensive view of all our offerings.

  • Stand Out in the Market: Our unique features like SMS Delivery, MFA Phishing, Scorm Integration, Sandbox Detection, False Positive Elimination, and Direct Email Creation give you a competitive advantage and efficiency.

  • Diverse Training Resources: With a rich library from 12+ global training providers, offer bespoke training content, ensuring a flexible and client-centric security awareness approach.

Effortless Integration & Top-Notch Support

Effortless Integration & Top-Notch Support

  • Ready for Compliance: Offer a scalable solution that adheres to regulations across the US, EU, and MENA regions.

  • Dedicated Support: Receive adaptable support tailored to your business needs across various regions and SLAs.

  • Streamlined Operations with API: Simplify tasks like customer management, billing, licensing, and reporting with our API-centric platform.

Key Features of Keepnet's Unified Human Risk Management Platform for Channel Partners

  1. Distinctive Solutions & Customization

    • Designed for Channel Partners: Tailored solutions to amplify your service range.

    • Unique Products: Stand out with specialized products like AI-driven Voice Phishing (Vishing) Simulator, SMS Phishing (Smishing) Simulator, MFA Phishing Simulator, Threat Sharing, and Email Threat Simulator.

    • Branding Opportunities: Enhance brand recognition by white-labeling our offerings.

    • SMS-Based Training: Cater to retail and heavy industry sectors where employees might have limited email access.

    • Cross-domain SCORM: Let organizations utilize Keepnet’s training on their LMS, maximizing both platforms' capabilities.

    • Direct Email Simulation: No whitelisting required. This feature helps you send a simulated phishing email directly to the user's inbox, resolving delivery problems.

    • Detailed Analytics and Reporting: Eliminate false clicks from automated security tools on simulated phishing campaigns.

  2. Effortless Integration & Productivity

    • Inclusive Growth with Multi-tenancy: Facilitate growth by accommodating your channel partners and their clientele.

    • API-Centric Operations: Seamlessly integrate with other products, streamlining tasks like invoicing and support ticketing.

    • BI Integration: Deliver bespoke reports and figures tailored to client requirements.

    • Comprehensive Guidance: Benefit from a detailed technical user manual.

    • Swift Onboarding: Save time with our efficient self-service onboarding process.

    • Real-Time Email Monitoring: Monitor real-time email statuses, from delivery to potential bounces.

    • Reliable Performance & Security: Rely on our Amazon AWS hosting and CDN content delivery for consistent performance and security.

  3. Adaptability & Reach

    • Multilingual Offerings: Provide training in various languages, catering to a global clientele.

    • Adaptable Training Schedules: Set training times, and they'll auto-adjust to the client's local time zone.

    • Varied Payment Solutions: Offer credit card payments and a scalable payment model, optimizing financial resource management.

What our partners are saying

“When looking for a HRM Partnership, Keepnet Labs were the standout choice. Unique, relevant and the only solution we saw to help mitigate current and future threats through Voice, SMS and the ever evolving Phishing landscape. Every organization should be looking to Keepnet Labs to manage their Human Risk securely. With a team that exudes a passion, energy, enjoyment and desire to work as a true partnership, Keepnet was the only choice.”

- Wayne Speechly, Group Director of Forgify LTD

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“From the moment I was introduced to Keepnet Labs, I fell in love with their platform and approach. The choice of 9 different, market-leading cybersecurity awareness training content providers, the clean and easy UI, the gamification of performance leader boards, and the sims that can target users via email, SMS or via voice messages set them apart from other SATT providers. But it didn’t stop there; the team introduced me to the cybersecurity operations features – darkweb lookups, incident response contribution, programmatic scheduling, and coordination of all training and simulation.

Ozan and the senior leadership team are each down-to-earth, energized, passionate people who know they have a great service that can freshen things up for end customers and MSSPs running services. I’ve been infected with their enthusiasm, and I’m seeing it take hold in our specialist team, too. I can’t wait to see it happen in our channel partners and their customers, too! ”

- Lance Williams, CTO of Distology Limited

“Computacenter have decided to partner with Keepnet Labs based on their ability to tackle a growing challenge. Phishing is a big problem, and we are using their technology to help our customers against the ever-changing threat landscape and combat Email, Voice, SMS, and other forms of Phishing attacks. With so many new threat vectors in today’s market, Computacenter is the partner of choice to help find the best solution, and by partnering with Keepnet Labs, we are able to do just that. We are excited to see the partnership grow from strength to strength together, we can help our customers reach their goals.”

- Andrew Smyth, Partner Management of Computacenter

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keepnet's Channel Partner Program?

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Keepnet’s Channel Partner Program is a prestigious partnership opportunity that empowers businesses to seamlessly incorporate our state-of-the-art Human Risk Management Platform into their service suite. This meticulously crafted platform is laser-focused on mitigating human-induced vulnerabilities in cybersecurity while cultivating a robust culture of security awareness and vigilance.

How can Keepnet's platform help in reducing cyber-attacks?

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While human errors are the culprits behind a staggering 95% of cyber attacks, our platform, through its advanced Human Risk Management strategies, has the potential to safeguard businesses from a vast majority of these threats, approximately 90%. By transcending the limitations of conventional training paradigms, Keepnet provides a holistic, multi-faceted approach to fortify businesses against cyber threats.

How does Keepnet's platform facilitate business growth for channel partners?

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Keepnet's platform opens up fresh revenue channels and cross-selling potentials thanks to its marketplace models for security awareness and human risk management. Our user-centric subscription model and volume-based pricing ensure optimized profit margins. Partners also benefit from joint marketing & sales initiatives, allowing for a collaborative approach to market penetration and client acquisition. Through our collaborative approach, partners have achieved a remarkable 40% increase in sales within just 5 months. Partnering with us also opens the door to substantial revenue opportunities, potentially creating a pipeline worth up to $10 million. Furthermore, our innovative Human Risk Management platform can unlock an impressive $2 million in revenue potential from the SMB market alone. This cutting-edge platform empowers organizations to manage and mitigate human-related cybersecurity risks proactively, making Keepnet Labs your strategic partner for transformative growth.

How does Keepnet ensure compliance with regulations?

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Compliance is at the heart of Keepnet's ethos. Our platform is designed to be scalable, ensuring seamless alignment with regulatory standards spanning the US, EU, and MENA regions. This commitment ensures that businesses leveraging our platform can confidently operate within the bounds of regional and international cybersecurity regulations.

Can businesses white-label Keepnet's offerings?

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Absolutely! Keepnet extends the privilege for businesses to white-label our suite of products. This amplifies their brand presence in the market and provides their clientele with a seamless, branded experience, reinforcing trust and brand loyalty. Through white-labeling, businesses can make Keepnet's innovative solutions their own, enhancing their market positioning and client relationships.

What are the benefits of integrating Keepnet's platform for channel partners?

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Channel partners integrating Keepnet's platform are poised to reap many advantages. Firstly, they gain a unified dashboard, offering a panoramic view of all products and features, streamlining operations. This integration propels them ahead of the curve, giving them a distinct competitive advantage in the ever-evolving cybersecurity market. Moreover, with access to a vast repository of training materials from global providers, partners can offer tailored security awareness programs to their clientele. The platform also paves the way for new avenues of business growth, enabling partners to tap into emerging markets and customer segments. The seamless integration capabilities ensure that partners can effortlessly blend Keepnet's solutions with their existing systems, ensuring operational continuity. Lastly, the platform's inherent adaptability ensures that partners can cater to a diverse, global clientele, transcending geographical and linguistic barriers.

How does Keepnet's platform differ from traditional security awareness programs?

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Keepnet's platform revolutionizes the cybersecurity training paradigm. While most traditional programs offer a one-size-fits-all approach, often inundating employees with generic information, Keepnet adopts a more dynamic and practical stance. Our platform delves deep into real-world threat simulations, ensuring that employees experience and understand the nuances of cyber threats. Beyond just awareness, the platform equips them with actionable skills, from incident response strategies to deciphering threat intelligence and creating a security culture within the business. In essence, Keepnet doesn't just inform; it empowers and prepares employees to actively defend against the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

What kind of support can channel partners expect from Keepnet?

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Channel partners receive dedicated and adaptable support tailored to their business needs across various regions and SLAs. This ensures that partners always have the assistance to utilize the platform and serve their clients effectively.

Is Keepnet's platform adaptable to cater to a global clientele?

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Absolutely! Keepnet offers multilingual training resources, ensuring that businesses can provide training in various languages. Additionally, the platform's training schedules auto-adjust to the client's local time zone, ensuring seamless training delivery across different regions.

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