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Evaluate and strengthen your company's security against QR Code Phishing attacks.

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QR Phishing, (Quishing) is a complex phishing attack in which attackers use QR codes to trick individuals into exposing confidential information. Keepnet's Quishing Simulator evaluates and hardens your security against QR phishing threats. With 600+ ready-to-use templates and customizable scenarios in over 30+ languages, develop your organization's security culture and improve security awareness training with Keepnet Labs Quishing Simulator.

Did You Know That QR Code Phishing Attacks Increased by Over 270% Monthly in 2023?

Quishing attacks have increased by over 270% monthly, leading to an overall growth of over 3240% in a year. This method of social engineering has become increasingly prevalent and hazardous, as 29% of emails aimed at different industries include malicious QR codes. Quishing attacks have exceeded 100 million incidents, affecting every sector without exception.

Effective Security Awareness Training for QR Code phishing

Build a security-conscious organization, boost security awareness training, and stop QR phishing attacks.

Stop QR Code Phishing Attacks

Stop QR Code Phishing Attacks

Through focused security awareness training programs, leverage an 87% improvement in employees' ability to identify and report QR Code phishing attacks within three months.

Enhanced Security Framework

Enhanced Security Framework

Identify and address risky security behaviors to establish a robust security culture and fight against ongoing QR Code phishing attacks.

Financial Benefits

Financial Benefits

Reduce potential financial losses averaging over $2 million while achieving an average ROI of $89,500 through efficiencies and cost savings.

Mitigating Legal Risks and Maintaining Compliance

Mitigating Legal Risks and Maintaining Compliance

Protect against substantial fines and legal issues by complying with data protection laws like GDPR, CCPA, etc.

Key Features of Quishing Simulator

  1. Advanced Scenario Design and Customization

    • Expansive Scenarios: Over 600+ realistic QR phishing templates reflecting the latest Quishing attack trends.

    • Printable QR Phishing Attack Simulations: Distribute printed QR code phishing templates within your organization to simulate and test employee responses to real life Quishing threats.

    • Customizable Scenarios: Tailor quishing templates to fit your organization's unique context, enhancing security awareness training relevance and impact.

    • Adaptive Difficulty Levels: Quishing templates range from easy to advanced, catering to your workforce's different cyber awareness skill levels.

    • Continuous Content Updates: Regular updates ensure your security awareness training remains current with the latest Quishing techniques and trends.

  2. Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

    • Automated, Real-Time Reporting: Instant insights into risky behaviors, with detailed analytics to identify security awareness training needs.

    • Behavioral Analytics: Understand employee behavior patterns in response to quishing attempts, optimizing future security awareness training approaches.

    • Custom Feedback & Automated Training: Offer personalized feedback to employees and automate learning based on incorrect behavior.

    • Progress Tracking: Monitor the ongoing development of your team's QR code phishing awareness and response capabilities over time.

  3. Seamless Integration and Multilingual Support

    • Seamless System Integration: Easily integrate with your current systems, like your native LMS, automating the process of delivering security awareness training.

    • Multilingual Capability: Get QR code phishing templates in 30+ languages, ensuring inclusivity for global teams.

    • Interactive Learning Experience: Engage employees with realistic, interactive QR code simulation scenarios for a more effective learning experience.

    • Varied Security Awareness Training Modalities: Have diverse learning styles with a mix of visual, textual, and interactive content, increasing engagement and retention.

What our customers are saying

“QR code usage was a top priority in our retail operations. Partnering with Keepnet Labs has been a strategic move to strengthen our defenses against QR code phishing. We focus on equipping our 27,000 employees across 6,000 stores with the necessary skills to identify and prevent these threats, ensuring our customers' safety and our brand's integrity." Read More

Noah Martin, CISO at US-based Retail Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quishing, and How Does Keepnet's Quishing Simulator Help?

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Quishing is a type of phishing attack where QR codes are used to deceive individuals into revealing sensitive information. Keepnet's Quishing Simulator is a comprehensive tool that educates employees on recognizing and responding to these attacks. It offers over 600 customizable templates in more than 30 languages, simulating real-life scenarios. This hands-on approach significantly enhances your team's ability to detect and report quishing attempts, strengthening your organization's cybersecurity defenses.

How Realistic are the Quishing Simulator Scenarios?

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Keepnet's Quishing Simulator scenarios are meticulously crafted to mirror actual QR code phishing attacks. This realism is significant as it prepares employees for the types of quishing attempts they might encounter in the real world. The simulator includes a wide range of templates that cover various levels of complexity, ensuring that employees at all levels of cybersecurity awareness can benefit and learn effectively.

Can the Quishing Simulator Be Customized for Specific Business Needs?

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Absolutely! You can tailor our quishing templates to fit your organization's unique context, making the training more relevant and impactful for your team. For instance, you can create quishing campaigns physically, using hard copies of QR codes in your quashing campaigns.

What Kind of Analytics and Reporting Featude Does the Quishing Simulator Provide?

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Keepnet's Quishing Simulator provides detailed analytics and real-time reporting capabilities. It tracks employee responses to simulated quishing attacks, identifying patterns and areas of vulnerability. This data is important for organizations to understand their security awareness strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to tailor future training and effectively reinforce their cybersecurity posture.

How Does the Quishing Simulator Help in Compliance with Data Protection Laws?

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By improving your team's ability to identify and report QR code phishing attacks, our simulator helps maintain compliance with laws like GDPR and CCPA, protecting against legal risks and fines.

Is the Quishing Simulator Suitable for Non-English Speaking Employees?

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Absolutely. The Quishing Simulator supports over 30 languages, making it an ideal training tool for a diverse, global workforce. This multilingual capability ensures that employees, regardless of their primary language, receive training in a language they understand, leading to better engagement and more effective learning outcomes.

What Financial Benefits Can Be Expected from Using the Quishing Simulator?

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Businesses can reduce potential financial losses, which average over $1 million, and achieve significant ROI through improved efficiencies and cost savings.

How Does the Quishing Simulator Enhance Overall Cybersecurity Knowledge?

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The simulator's focused training programs are designed to improve employees' ability to identify and report QR code phishing attacks. With an 87% improvement rate within three months, the simulator effectively elevates the workforce's overall cybersecurity knowledge and skills. This enhancement is important in building a strong, security-aware culture within the organization.

Can the Quishing Simulator Integrate with Existing Learning Management Systems?

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Keepnet's Quishing Simulator is designed for easy integration with existing corporate learning management systems (LMS). This seamless integration facilitates the smooth delivery of security awareness training based on quishing campaign reports, making it a convenient and efficient addition to any organization's existing training infrastructure.

What Makes Keepnet's Quishing Simulator Different from Other Security Training Tools?

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Keepnet's Quishing Simulator stands out due to its comprehensive approach to training, offering a wide range of realistic, up-to-date scenarios that are customizable to each organization's specific context. Its multilingual support caters to a global workforce, and the continuous content updates ensure that the training remains relevant in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats. These features, with its advanced analytics and ease of integration, make it a superior choice for organizations looking to enhance their defense against QR code phishing attacks.

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