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Delve deeper into the world of cybersecurity with our comprehensive whitepapers. Each document provides in-depth insights into our products, industry trends, and best practices. Whether you're seeking advanced knowledge or exploring the foundations, our whitepapers are a valuable resource to enrich your understanding. Explore, learn, and stay ahead with Keepnet Labs.

Callback Simulator
Callback Simulator Whitepaper

Decoding TOAD: The Ultimate Guide to Callback Phishing

Get a detailed analysis of TOAD, revealing tactics and defenses against callback phishing.

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Quishing Simulator
Quishing Simulator Whitepaper

A Detailed Guide to QR Code Security

Explore our whitepaper to fully understand Quishing, the rising threat of QR code phishing.

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Supply Chain
Supply Chain Whitepaper

Managing Supply Chain Risks: Comprehensive Strategies

Delve into comprehensive strategies designed to manage and mitigate risks within the supply chain.

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Awareness Educator
Awareness Educator Whitepaper

Your Guide to a Secure Culture

Immerse in our whitepaper and learn strategies to overcome resistance and build a strong security culture.

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Threat Sharing
Threat Sharing Whitepaper

Mastering Threat Intelligence Sharing

Dive into our whitepaper to understand the nuances of threat intelligence sharing.

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MSSP Partners
MSSP Partners Article

MSSP Business Model

Discover how organizations can overcome the challenges of ensuring cybersecurity in a rapidly evolving cyberspace by adopting proactive strategies.

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Threat Sharing
Threat Sharing Article

Threat Sharing Whitepaper

Learn about the alarming rise of Business Email Compromise attacks and the staggering financial losses.Reported by the FBI's Internet Crime Report.

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Cyber Security
Cyber Security Article

Lifecycle of Email-Based Attacks Introduction

This article highlights the challenges organizations face in ensuring cybersecurity in today's rapidly evolving cyberspace.

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Incident Responder
Incident Responder Whitepaper

Secure Your Inbox: Mastering Incident Response

Discover how to protect your organization's email communication system in our whitepaper, exploring effective email incident responses and best practices.

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