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Phishing Simulator

Train your employees to STOP Phishing attacks!

Phishing Simulator

Phishing, a social engineering attack, involves fraudsters manipulating victims into divulging confidential information (passwords, account numbers, proprietary data, etc.), usually via deceptive emails. Keepnet Phishing Simulator allows you to gauge your security culture with AI-powered 1600+ ready-to-test phishing scenarios in 160+ languages and trains your employees to identify and respond to these attacks.

Did you know the human element is responsible for 95% of security breaches?

Phishing attacks lead to approximately $1.1 million in annual losses for businesses of all sizes, translating to more than $1,500 per employee. Approximately 76% of these phishing efforts are targeted, and criminals succeed in over 90% of spear phishing schemes.

A Technology that Empowers Employees and STOP Phishing Attacks

The advantages of implementing the Keepnet Phishing Simulator are as follows:

Return on investment

Return on investment

Potential savings of up to $200K annually, showcasing a significant return on your investment.

A Safe Testing Ground

A Safe Testing Ground

A simulated yet authentic-looking phishing environment to empower employees to learn about real-world phishing attacks in a secure setting, negating the dangers of actual data breaches or network infiltration.

Enhanced cybersecurity posture

Enhanced cybersecurity posture

Initiate a campaign within 5 minutes and see immediate results, enabling your team to promptly detect and react to phishing attacks.

Cultivation of a cybersecurity culture

Cultivation of a cybersecurity culture

Promote a cybersecurity culture within your organization and see an average increase of 89% in your employees' incident reporting.

Key Features of Phishing Simulatior

  1. Creating Advanced Campaigns and Customization

    • Seamless Phishing Simulation: No whitelisting is needed, creating phishing simulation emails directly in the user's inbox.

    • Realistic Phishing Scenarios: Includes MFA-themed, Data submit, Attachment, and Click-only phishing templates.

    • Customizable Phishing Templates: Helps customize various templates to simulate different phishing attacks.

    • Custom Domain Usage: Allows custom domains for scenarios tailored to specific languages and cultures.

    • SSL-Enabled Phishing Domains: Uses secure SSL-enabled domains in phishing scenarios.

  2. Comprehensive Reporting and Integration

    • Automated Reporting: Detailed insights into employee performance or incorrect behaviors.

    • Accurate Click Reporting: Filters out false clicks from automated security tools like sandboxes.

    • BI Tools Integration: Supports PowerBI and Qlick integrations for enhanced reporting.

    • API-Driven Platform: Fully API-driven for easy integration and task automation.

  3. Continuous Improvement and Global Support

    • Integration with Keepnet Solutions: Works seamlessly with other Keepnet security awareness solutions like Awareness Educator or Phishing Reporter.

    • Multilingual Support: Offers content in multiple languages for international organizations.

    • Continuous Improvement: Regular updates to keep up with the latest phishing tactics and techniques.

What our customers are saying

“We trained 1,100 global employees, achieving an 89% phishing identification success rate within a year. This program bolstered our defenses and enhanced our security culture. Financially, we've seen a yearly ROI of $10.740 , prevented losses of $154,6167, protected customer data, and safeguarded our reputation.” Read More

Mert Çakıcı - Security Manager at Tiryaki

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Phishing Simulator?

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A Phishing Simulator is designed to mimic real-life phishing attacks in a controlled environment. It allows organizations to test their employees' awareness and response to phishing threats. Businesses can use a Phishing Simulator to identify vulnerabilities and improve their security culture against cyber attacks.

How does the Phishing Simulator benefit businesses financially?

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Investing in a Phishing Simulator can lead to significant financial savings for businesses. By training employees to recognize and avoid phishing threats through Phishing Simulation Training, companies can prevent costly data breaches, protect their reputation, and avoid potential legal liabilities.

How does Keepnet's Phishing Simulator integrate with other tools?

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Keepnet's Phishing Simulator is designed to integrate with various cybersecurity tools and platforms seamlessly. This seamless connectivity emphasizes its commitment to a comprehensive and user-friendly approach to cybersecurity training and human risk management.

How does AI power enhance the effectiveness of the Phishing Simulator?

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Using AI capability, simulators craft phishing scenarios that mirror advanced threats, playing a pivotal role in human risk management. By challenging employees with real-world situations, the simulator reinforces a proactive security culture within organizations. AI-driven templates enhance preparedness against evolving threats and underscore the significance of cultivating a resilient security mindset among staff.

What languages does Keepnet's Phishing Simulator support?

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Keepnet's Phishing Simulator supports multiple languages, ensuring that businesses across the globe can benefit from the best phishing simulation experiences tailored to their regional needs.

How does the Phishing Simulator ensure the authenticity of phishing scenarios?

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The Phishing Simulator uses real-world phishing simulation samples and constantly updates its database with the latest phishing tactics. This ensures the simulated phishing tests are authentic and relevant.

Are there any industry-specific phishing scenarios available in the Phishing Simulator?

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Yes, the Phishing Simulator offers a range of industry-specific scenarios, ensuring that businesses from various sectors can benefit from targeted and relevant phishing simulation training.

How does the simulator help in reducing the dangers of actual data breaches?

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Exposing employees to simulated phishing tests makes them more aware of phishing tactics and less likely to fall for actual phishing attempts. This proactive approach reduces the risk of data breaches and strengthens the organization’s cybersecurity culture.

What measures does Keepnet take to keep up with the latest phishing tactics?

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Keepnet constantly monitors the cyber threat landscape and updates its phishing simulation product with the latest tactics, ensuring that businesses are always prepared for emerging threats.

Can businesses design their phishing scenarios using the simulator?

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Absolutely! Keepnet's Phishing Simulator allows businesses to design custom phishing scenarios, ensuring their training is tailored to their needs and concerns.

How do SSL-enabled phishing domains improve the realism of simulations?

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SSL-enabled phishing domains make simulated phishing emails look more legitimate, increasing the realism of the phishing simulation test. This ensures employees are trained to recognize even the most sophisticated phishing attempts.

What happens in a simulated phishing attack?

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In a simulated phishing attack, employees receive a fake phishing email designed to mimic real threats. The goal is to test their awareness and response without risk to the organization.

What happens when an employee clicks a simulated phishing email?

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Employees who click on a simulated phishing email are typically redirected to a training page. This page educates them about the dangers of phishing and guides recognizing and avoiding future threats.

What are the features of Keepnet’s Phishing Simulation Tool?

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The Keepnet’s Phishing Simulators offer a range of features, including realistic phishing scenarios, AI-powered adaptability, integration with other cybersecurity tools, multi-language support, and the ability for businesses to design their phishing tests.

Why is regular phishing simulation training essential for businesses?

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Phishing Simulation Training updates employees on evolving phishing tactics, reinforcing cybersecurity best practices. Consistent training reduces human error and strengthens the organization's defense against cyberattacks, making it a vital tool in today's digital landscape.

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