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Vishing as a Service - Managed Vishing Test

Discover your human-centric security gaps with live-human calls.

What is Vishing?

Mobile Phone

Vishing (voice phishing or voice scam), is a social engineering attack.

Hackers manipulate victims into breaching data or compromising systems over phone calls.

What is Vishing as a Service?

Vishing-as-a-service identifies insights into human-centric security gaps in organizations with voice phishing risks. This managed service involves live-human conversations for tests and training purposes.

KNL certified social engineering team has over 15 years of experience. KNL research team serves financial, insurance, government, and airline organizations with thousands of interactive vishing calls.

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How does Vishing as a Service work?

Vishing as a Service (VaaS) helps companies improve security by simulating voice phishing attacks and testing employees' awareness. It uses controlled vishing campaigns that mimic real attacker tactics, enabling organizations to identify vulnerabilities and train staff to recognize fake calls, enhancing overall security.

Vishing as a Service

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KNL research team will find information to vish target user

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Customer provide target user information in desired format

(xls, secure file upload, etc.)


KNL Research team will have a live human engage in a live conversation with target to revealing confidential information or gain access to computers

  • Our social engineering research team is based in the US, Europe, and Asia. Our global reach enables the most realistic and interactive vishing campaigns.
  • Advanced techniques might be used in this vishing as a service, including AI voice cloning and Caller ID Spoofing.

Vishing Social Engineering Scenarios

Social engineering tests include different voice phishing scenarios. Scenarios are customizable.

Example of voice phishing test scenario:


Sample Record

IT help desk - MFA.
Call center customer data breach.
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Key findings:
Answered the vishing call.
Provided sensitive information.
Gain Access to devices like phone or computer.
Industry Benchmark.

Compliance & Regulations

We assist, meet, or exceed these compliance, regulations, and standards.

Compliance & Regulations

Latest Voice Phishing News

The latest voice phishing news is happening worldwide!


MGM Lost $100M

MGM Resort Hack in 2023, lost $100m voice phishing


33% of America is Victimised

33% of America’s population fell victim to scams at least once.


Trellix Reports a 142% Increase

Trellix reports a 142% increase in growth of vishing attacks in Q4 2022.


68.4M People Lost Money

TrueCaller Insights 2022 US Spam & Scam Report, 68.4 million US citizens lost money to phone scams.

Increased Three-fold

Increased Three-fold

Click rates for the average targeted phishing campaign increased around three-fold, from 18% to 53%, when phone phishing (vishing) was also used by threat actors.

Affected Age Group

18-44 Most Affected Age Group

The 18-44 age group is the most affected age group by dubious vishing attacks.

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You will learn:
How to start a vishing campaign.
How to meet compliance and regulations.
How to identify risky behaviors: low, medium, high.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Managed Vishing as a Service (VaaS)?

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Managed Vishing as a Service is a comprehensive security solution that simulates voice phishing attacks to test and improve an organization's defense against voice calls. Our service includes planning, executing, and analyzing vishing simulations, tailored to your specific organizational needs, with the aim of testing and educating employees and strengthening your security posture.

How does Managed Voice Phishing Simulation benefit our organization?

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Managed VaaS benefits your organization by proactively identifying potential vulnerabilities from the human element against voice phishing attacks. Through realistic voice phishing simulations, we educate your staff on recognizing and responding to vishing attempts, reducing the risk of data breaches and financial loss.

What does the Managed Voice Phishing Simulation process involve?

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The vishing simulation process involves a series of steps, starting with a consultation to understand your organization's specific needs and vulnerabilities. We then design and execute tailored vishing campaigns that mimic the tactics used by real-world attackers. Finally, we provide a comprehensive analysis of the campaign results, including employee response rates and areas for improvement.

Is Managed Voice Phishing Simulation suitable for organizations of all sizes?

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Yes, our Managed VaaS is designed to be scalable and can be customized for organizations of any size, from small businesses to large enterprises. We tailor our approach to suit your unique requirements, ensuring that vishing simulations are effective and relevant to your specific security landscape.

How do we get started with Managed Voice Phishing Simulation?

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Getting started with our Managed VaaS is simple. Contact us from to schedule an initial consultation. During this meeting, we'll discuss your security needs, outline the process, and set up a plan to launch your first vishing simulation campaign. Our team will guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and effective implementation.

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