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Insurance Business Partners

No coverage for cyber attacks! The annual global cost of cybercrime is estimated to be $7 trillion per year and insurance companies cover a significant part of these losses. Reduce cyber risks with us to stop paying coverages.

Insurance Business Partners

Don’t Pay For Recovery Costs

A cyber awareness program will keep your partners and policyholders safe with regular training for employees. Active engagement at all levels will create an army of cyber agents who identify and report cyber risks. This defensive shield can prevent the need to pay coverage for losses due to a breach of cyber security.

do not pay for recovery costs

Avoid Legal Risks

Business partners (e.g., a broker) can utilize and process the client data of insurance companies. If these partners are hacked , it directly affects the insurance companies. This leads to extra costs and potential legal repercussions. Protect your business network and supply chain cycle from attacks, and ensure the protection of user data with Keepnet Labs.

avoid legal risks

Easy Integration

Insurance companies can easily integrate into the Keepnet cloud environment to automatically onboard all business partners and policyholders. User provisioning allows for new companies to be automatically added to the system every day.

easy integration

Conduct Regular Training

Train all stakeholders’ employees to minimize risk. Phishing tests conducted in a secure environment provide a valuable experience of the danger and simultaneously teach how to respond appropriately to potentially threatening emails.

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Protect Your Business Network

Train all every user in your business network to recognize and minimize risk. Use security awareness training content, including engaging animated videos, macro learning modules, quizzes, posters, and tip sheets to reinforce and maintain awareness. The training tools create and maintain awareness of the potential severity of malicious emails and provide direction on how to respond.

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Investment with a High Return

Keepnet integration will provide insurance companies with access to more than a dozen threat analysis services, such as FortiSandbox, IBM X-Force, and Google Safe Browsing, as well as threat intelligence and incident response solutions. The protection offered by these solutions can be deployed to the mailbox of each user in each supply chain.

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Create a Sustainable Security Awareness Program

One safe, all safe! Distribute our multilayered email security products to your business network and protect them throughout the lifecycle of email-based attacks.

Security Awareness Program
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