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Evaluate and strengthen your company's security against SMS phishing.

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SMS Phishing, or "Smishing", is a cyberattack where attackers use SMS messages to trick recipients into providing sensitive information. Keepnet's Smishing Simulator is a cloud-based solution that tests your employees and raises awareness and fortifies your security culture against SMS phishing attacks. Using over 600+ ready-to-use templates in 50+ languages or customized ones, you can quickly identify the weakness within your organization and fix the problem.

Did you know 76% of businesses were hit by Smishing?

Recent data reveals that in just one year, 76% of businesses were targeted by smishing attacks, with a startling 328% increase. This uptick in smishing attacks has led to significant financial damages costing an average of $800 per individual globally.

Building Resilience: Effective Human Risk Management for SMS Phishing

Foster security culture and minimize human risk against SMS phishing attacks.

Financial Savings

Financial Savings

Reduce the risk of average financial losses exceeding $1 million while enjoying an average return on investment of $60,000 through saved time and money.

Boosted Security Posture

Boosted Security Posture

Rapidly detect risky behaviors to build a security culture and respond to continuous SMS phishing threats.

Building Cybersecurity Awareness

Building Cybersecurity Awareness

With targeted training, we have observed a remarkable increase of 87% in employees' ability to recognize and report SMS phishing incidents within three months.

Return on investment

Return on investment

You can potentially save up to $5.4m annually, demonstrating a significant return on your investment.

Key Features of Smishing Simulator

  1. Extensive Scenario Library and Customization

    • Comprehensive Library: Utilize over 600+ smishing scenarios, reflecting real-world SMS attacks.

    • Scenario Customization: Tailor existing or create personalized scenarios to align with your organization's needs.

    • Varied Difficulty Levels: Select from easy, medium, and hard scenarios to match your employees' proficiency.

  2. Continuous Learning and Global Support

    • Continuous Updates: Regularly updated with new scenarios to keep training current with evolving smishing techniques.

    • Multilingual Support: Offer training materials in multiple languages, suitable for global organizations.

    • Localized Number Support: Incorporate local numbers in your smishing campaigns for enhanced realism and effectiveness.

  3. Integration and Real-Time Analytics

    • Seamless Integration: Fully API-driven for easy integration with your organization's existing applications and systems.

    • Real-time Automated Reporting: Obtain immediate insights into employee behavior and performance, helping in tracking progress and pinpointing areas for improvement.

What our customers are saying

“Keepnet Labs transformed our cybersecurity approach with their Smishing Simulator, boosting threat awareness across all locations. Their streamlined reporting and comprehensive training minimized human error. Through a proactive security culture program, we achieved an impressive ROI of $239,940, and improved phishing recognition by 87% in just three months.” Read More

Jake Davis, Information Security Manager at International Hotel

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Resource Library

Case Study
Smishing Case Study

Hotel Chain's Triumph Over Smishing: A Case Study

Discover how an international hotel chain overcame a severe smishing attack, transforming from vulnerable to vigilant. Learn about their journey, the challenges faced, and the impressive results achieved with Keepnet Labs' Smishing Simulator.

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Uncover our powerful safeguard against smishing threats and delve into the plethora of distinct features and advantages it delivers.

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Explore Our Comprehensive Whitepapers on Smishing

Dive into our succinct whitepaper for a clear understanding of the complex world of SMS scams and how Keepnet Labs' ground-breaking solutions bolster your defense.

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SMS Threats Surge: How to Combat Smishing

Discover the growing danger of smishing, its impacts, and strategies to safeguard yourself and your organization against this pervasive SMS phishing menace.

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Unmasking Smishing: Your Guide to SMS Scams

Discover the threats lurking in your text messages with our comprehensive infographic on Smishing. From understanding its techniques to knowing how to guard against it, our guide arms you with essential knowledge and practical steps to stay secure.

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Callback Simulator Video

Tune into our In-depth Technical Guide Video on YouTube

Uncover the defensive power of our Smishing Simulator through our captivating video tutorial. Observe firsthand the functionality and prowess of our solution, demonstrating how it arms your enterprise to combat SMS scams fearlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Smishing" and how does it differ from traditional phishing?

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"Smishing" refers to fraudulent attempts to obtain sensitive information via SMS messages, while traditional phishing typically occurs through email. The term "Smishing" is derived from "SMS phishing." Unlike email phishing, smishing targets users through text messages, making it significant for individuals to have robust Smishing awareness training.

How does the Smishing Simulator help organizations combat SMS phishing attacks?

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The Smishing simulation educates and tests employees on recognizing and responding to SMS phishing threats. By using the SMS phishing simulator, organizations can identify vulnerabilities and enhance their smishing prevention strategies.

What kind of templates and scenarios are available in the Smishing Simulator?

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The Smishing Simulator offers a diverse range of templates and scenarios, mimicking real-world SMS scams. These templates help in Smishing awareness training and enable organizations to test their defenses.

How frequently are new smishing scenarios added to the simulator's library?

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New smishing scenarios are regularly added to the Smishing test environment to ensure that organizations are always prepared for the latest threats. The Simishing training simulator is continuously updated to reflect the evolving landscape of SMS phishing.

Can organizations customize the smishing scenarios to fit their specific needs?

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Absolutely! The Smishing Simulator allows organizations to tailor scenarios, ensuring that their Smishing test aligns with their unique operational environment and threat landscape.

How does the Smishing Simulator's real-time automated reporting benefit businesses?

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Real-time automated reporting provides businesses with instant insights into their smishing simulation results. This feature of the Smishing Simulator allows for swift response, mitigation, and smishing awareness training endeavours.

How does the Smishing Simulator ensure that users are up-to-date with the latest smishing threats?

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The Smishing Simulator is designed to reflect the ever-evolving landscape of SMS phishing threats. The Smishing Simulator continuously updates its database with the latest smishing techniques and trends. This ensures that users are always trained against the most recent and relevant threats, enhancing the effectiveness of the Smishing Simulator.

How does the difficulty level feature in the Smishing Simulator work?

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The difficulty level in the Smishing simulator allows organizations to set varying levels of complexity for their SMS phishing tests, ensuring that employees at all knowledge levels are adequately challenged and trained.

What security measures are in place to ensure the safety of data while using the Smishing Simulator?

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Security is a top priority for Keepnet Labs' Smishing Simulator. The platform employs advanced encryption methods, ensuring that all data, including SMS simulation results and user information, remains confidential and protected.

How have other businesses benefited from using Keepnet Labs Smishing Simulator?

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Numerous businesses have reported a significant reduction in successful smishing attacks after implementing Keepnet Labs' Smishing Simulator. By utilizing the Smishing Simulator organizations have enhanced their employees' ability to recognize and respond to threats. The SMS phishing simulator has empowered businesses to proactively address vulnerabilities, leading to a fortified smishing defense environment and improved overall cybersecurity posture.

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