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Managing Human Risk for Supply Chain

Reduce human cyber risk in your supply chain!

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Hackers are taking advantage of the most important factor in the supply chain and vendor relationships: Trust. Cybercriminals impersonate trusted entities within the supply chain, sending deceptive emails, SMS, and Voice calls to manipulate employees into divulging confidential information, such as login credentials or financial data.

Did you know that 90% of organizations have experienced security incidents caused by supply chain weaknesses?

Despite the increasing technological sophistication of cyber attacks on supply chain networks, human error is still a leading cause of cyber security breaches. If one of your vendors is vulnerable to phishing attacks and an outside source takes over one of its email accounts, these threats can quickly spread to your organization.

Build human risk management across your supply chain to protect your organization against phishing, vishing, smishing, and all social engineering attacks.

Why Choose Keepnet Lab’s Cybersecurity Services for Your Supply Chain

Partnering with Keepnet Labs, you will have the following benefits:

Rapid Phishing Forencis and Response

Rapid Phishing Forencis and Response

Equip your vendors to identify phishing scams with a 94% success rate and reduce response times from 8 hours to just 2 minutes, ensuring threats are neutralized promptly across your supply chain.

Comprehensive Supply Chain Security

Comprehensive Supply Chain Security

Achieve up to 89% reduction in supply chain risks, empowering employees across the chain to report threats, ensuring consistent end-to-end protection.

Boost Productivity and Cost Savings

Boost Productivity and Cost Savings

With fewer cases to handle, drive productivity across your team and realize substantial annual savings of $1.6 million.

Elevate Your Brand’s Credibility

Elevate Your Brand’s Credibility

By aligning with Keepnet Labs, enhance your market reputation by demonstrating a strong commitment to cybersecurity, instilling greater trust among clients and stakeholders.

How We Protect Your Supply Chain from Cyber Threats

  1. Phishing Simulations

    • Email Phishing Simulation: This Simulation mimics malicious emails to test and enhance employees' ability to identify and respond to fake emails. This improves email security habits and reduces the risk of data breaches. 

    • The Vishing (Voice Phishing) Simulation:  Replicates fake phone calls to evaluate and improve employees' security awareness against voice scams. It teaches them to question and verify caller authenticity to prevent the disclosure of sensitive information.

    • The Smishing (SMS Phishing) Simulation: This simulates SMS phishing attacks through text messages to test and enhance awareness agaist smishing tactics. It aims to encourage skepticism towards unsolicited links or requests received through SMS.

    • Callback Voice Phishing Simulation:  This engages employees with simulated voice messages, prompting a return call to fortify against callbacks to fraudulent numbers, thus preventing information leaks and financial loss.

    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) phishing simulation: This simulates attacks on MFA processes to identify and address MFA vulnerabilities against phishing. It also aims to ensure that employees follow best practices for authentication and remain alert to manipulative prompts.

    • Quishing (QR code phishing) simulation: Simulates malicious QR codes in various contexts to test and raise awareness of QR-related threats.

  2. Security Awareness Training

    • Human Risk Behavior Identification: Detect and address risky behaviors, such as susceptibility to phishing scams, ensuring a vigilant workforce.

    • Behavior Science Based Training: Implement comprehensive training programs, leveraging behavioral science techniques like reinforcements, nudges, and gratitude exercises.

    • Compliance Testing: Regularly assess and reinforce employee adherence to security protocols, promoting a culture of cybersecurity awareness.

  3. Comprehensive Human Risk Management Platform

    • Leaked Data Identification: Search for leaked passwords, emails, and other sensitive data to pinpoint compromised elements within the supply chain.

    • AI-Powered Phishing Reporting: Deploy advanced real-time threat detection and response tools, ensuring immediate action against potential attacks.

    • Security Tool Assessment: Evaluate and rectify vulnerabilities in existing email security tools, fortifying defenses against cyber threats.

    •  Collaborative Threat Intelligence Sharing: Facilitate the distribution of critical intelligence data across the supply chain, local authorities, and financial organizations, fostering a united front against cyber threats.

What our customers are saying

"We have onboarded all of our vendors in our supply chain to quantify and manage human cyber risk continuously. We've automated phishing simulations and training programs across our supply chain to enhance awareness of phishing risks, including SMS, voice, and QR phishing.

Thanks to the Phishing Reporer button, all employees in the supply chain started to report suspicious emails to our centralized SOC team and benefit from analyzing suspicious emails within up to 2 minutes, thanks to our cutting-edge technologies integrated with the Keepnet platform. " Read More

Onur, CISO of Insurance Partner

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You'll learn how to:
tickIntegrate the Phishing Reporter add-on across your supply chain for identifying and reporting suspicious emails.
tickUse phishing simulations, such as Email, Voice, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), QR Code, Callback, and SMS, to educate your employees against phishing.
tickCreate phishing templates powered by AI to ensure high engagement and effectiveness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Keepnet Labs unique in securing supply chains?

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Keepnet Labs uses advanced AI-based human risk management technologies and comprehensive training programmes. This has resulted in an 89% reduction in supply chain risk. This is especially important because 98% of organizations have experienced cybersecurity breaches within their supply chain.

How does a Supply Chain Security Management System mitigate human risks?

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A supply chain security management system reduces human risks by implementing strict access controls, providing regular security training, and establishing protocols for incident reporting. Keepnet Labs highlights the importance of managing human risks in supply chain security, especially given the increasing threats. In fact, according to a survey, 97% of organizations experienced cyber breaches in their supply chain in 2021.

What role does human risk management play in supply chain security?

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Human risk management is significant in reducing errors through training and monitoring. Supply chain cyber breaches impact 98% of organizations, making risk mitigation important. Keepnet Labs focuses on mitigating these humans risks to secure the supply chain against cyber attacks.

Can Keepnet Labs help identify leaked data within the supply chain?

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Yes, Keepnet Labs specializes in identifying leaked data within the supply chain, utilizing Threat Intelligence products to detect compromised email accounts. Our approach is designed to strengthen the supply chain's security posture in response to vulnerabilities that may occur due to branched accounts.

How does Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS) improve supply chain security?

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Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS) improves supply chain security by providing a scalable, technology-driven approach to effectively manage supply chain security. This method is important in mitigating risks, especially considering the 67% increase companies’ auditing supplier security in 2022.

What is Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management?

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Cyber supply chain risk management involves identifying and mitigating cyber-related risks to secure supply chain operations. Because 40% of companies rely on third-party vendors for security, and a significant portion experience breaches, it is important for improve cyber supply chain risk management against threats.

What are the key components of a Supply Chain Security Management System?

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The key components of a supply chain security management system includes processes, technologies, and policies aimed at protecting data from cyber threats.

How does Keepnet Labs address the human element in cybersecurity?

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Keepnet Labs prioritizes behavioral transformation and comprehensive training to address the human element, a key factor in fighting against supply chain cyber attacks. By focusing on reducing risky behaviors and enhancing awareness, Keepnet Labs aims to improve the supply chain security against cyber attacks.

What strategies can be employed for effective supply chain security management?

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Effective strategies include a multi-layered security approach, strong partnerships, continuous monitoring, compliance with standards and using a comprehensive human risk management platform.

Why is it important to consider cyber security in supply chain security management?

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Cybersecurity is important in supply chain management due to the potential for operational disruptions, data breaches, and reputational damage. With the majority of organizations experiencing the negative impacts of cyber breaches in their supply chains, using cybersecurity measures is critical for maintaining operational security and protecting sensitive information against cyber threats.

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You'll learn how to:
tickAutomate behaviour-based security awareness training for employees to identify and report threats: phishing, vishing, smishing, quishing, MFA phishing, callback phishing!
tickAutomate phishing analysis by 187x and remove threats from inboxes 48x faster.
tickUse our AI-driven human-centric platform with Autopilot and Self-driving features to efficiently manage human cyber risks.
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