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95% of cyber breaches start with a phishing attack

Manage social engineering phishing on a single platform

Starting at $1 per user per month - paid annually

Train employees on the latest social engineering threats. Establish a baseline through real-world simulations and reduce your organization’s phishing risk. Leverage the power of AI + Human intelligence to analyze and respond to the most sophisticated social engineering attacks.


Advanced Reporting - Create a 360 view of your riskiest users, departments, threat vectors and how to reduce it.

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You'll be able to:

  • Launch automated email, SMS, voice, QR, or callback phishing campaigns to see immediate results.

  • Run executive summary reports to view results, including industry benchmarks.

  • Enroll in behavior-based training through our content marketplace with multiple training providers.

Success Stories

“We partnered with Keepnet Labs to revolutionize our cybersecurity culture. By implementing tailored cybersecurity training to our global teams, we bolstered our security culture. This demonstrated our commitment to a proactive, employee-focused approach to cyber resilience.”

David Annable
CEO at Franklin Fitch

“Within just a year, our SOC teams have saved over 113,000 hours, automating 93% of malicious email attacks thanks to Keepnet’s easy-to-use design. The platform’s user-friendly nature enabled a 200% increase in global phishing report rates in 4 months. Keepnet's technology is a game-changer for Vodafone, proving invaluable in our ongoing fight against phishing.”

SOC Team

“Choosing Keepnet Labs for our cybersecurity awareness was a pivotal decision in our threat mitigation strategy. Their unified platform dramatically enhanced our team's cyber awareness. This was evidenced by a notable 16% increase, post-training. The platform's seamless integration of various tools has been a haven for our IT team, enabling instant, complex reporting.”

Shashi Mohun
VP of Engineering, Sail Internet


We proudly serve a diverse clientele, including SMEs, enterprises, and MSP/MSSPs across various sectors.

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Many more businesses have chosen Keepnet as their trusted cybersecurity partner...


"Keepnet’s Vishing Simulator helped us craft scenarios tailored to our culture and goals, enabling our employees to identify, report, and counter cyber-attacks over the phones. Keepnet contributed to a 30% increase in business efficiency, and our ability to identify and stop risks increased 12 times more."

Ulas Kaya, Information Security Manager at Teknosa

“As a technical-heavy MSSP, we have always focused on delivering unparalleled service. Our association with Keepnet has further elevated our offerings.  Keepnet’s platform, tailored for managed services, has streamlined our operations, making us more efficient and client-centric. We're set to redefine client satisfaction with Keepnet and expand our horizons."

Chad Fullerton, Director of Information Security at ECI

“Keepnet Labs has amplified our Human Risk Management capabilities. Their platform allowed our channel partners to onboard customers effortlessly. Direct email creation made phishing simulations and training seamless. White-labeling enhanced the brand visibility for both us and our partners. The varied licensing options and a clear role and permission structure simplified customer management. Together with Keepnet Labs, we effectively secure networks and educate individuals."

Tom Jackson, CEO of Security Distribution

“In the payment industry, robust email security is essential. Keepnet's Email Threat Simulator has been a pivotal asset for us, delivering remarkable ROI. It's elevated our email blocking efficiency from 35% to 97%. The tool's ongoing monitoring and feedback empower us to bolster our defenses against evolving cyber threats. It's become an indispensable part of our email security strategy.”

James Stone - CISO of Global Payment Company

“We've trained 1,800 employees across our global stores, achieving a 99% success rate in identifying phishing attempts within a year. This program fortified our defenses and cultivated a robust security culture within Koton. From a financial perspective, we've realized an annual ROI of $10,792 and prevented potential losses of $177,708.”

Suat UĞURLU, Associate Director, Technology Solutions and IT Security at Koton

“Keepnet's Threat Sharing Platform is like having a million threat hunters on your side. We have successfully prevented advanced threats 60% more efficiently and saved up to $1M annually. We share threat intelligence, proactively tackle email attacks and vulnerabilities, and drastically cut down the time to handle security breaches. The benefits are clear: efficient threat prevention, reduced phishing risks, faster response times, and safeguarded supply chains. With Keepnet, we're fortifying our security and the entire community.”

Yalcin Bekmezci - Security Team Leader of Abdiibrahim

“We trained 1,100 global employees, achieving an 89% phishing identification success rate within a year. This program bolstered our defenses and enhanced our security culture. Financially, we've seen a yearly ROI of $11,215, prevented losses of $154,616, protected customer data, and safeguarded our reputation.”

Mert Çakıcı - Security Manager at Tiryaki

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