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Strengthen your portfolio with our Human Risk Management platform to open doors for business growth.

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Today's cybersecurity landscape heavily relies on MSSPs, or Managed Service Providers, with 58% of buyers leaning towards their security solutions. A partnership with Keepnet Labs introduces you to an Extended Human Risk Management Platform. This collaboration enriches your current portfolio and promises a 40% surge in sales and a twofold increase in your revenue.

Did you know that effective Human Risk Management protects clients from 90% of cyber attacks?

While 90% of businesses are keenly involved in security awareness programs, it is still concerning that around 70% of their employees persist in showcasing insecure behavior. Human error is responsible for over 90% of cyber attacks, so the situation calls for effective risk management strategies beyond old-school training programs. Hence, as a managed service company, it is essential to incorporate Human Risk Management in your service offerings, enhancing your clients' defenses against phishing threats.

How You Can Boost Business Success With Us!

Discover the benefits of leveraging Keepnet's Human Risk Management platform:

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

  • Go Beyond Traditional Measures: With Keepnet's vast array of unique products, such as Voice Phishing (Vishing) Simulator, SMS Phishing (Smishing) Simulator, MFA Phishing Simulator, and Threat Sharing, diversify your cybersecurity portfolio and offer multi-faceted solutions to your clients.

  • Competitive Edge: Features like SMS Delivery, MFA Phishing, Scorm Integration, Sandbox Detection, and False Positive Elimination, along with Direct Email Creation, set you apart from competitors and save significant time.

  • Training and Content Diversity: Our diverse library, enriched by 12+ global training providers, empowers you to provide tailored training content, ensuring an adaptable and customer-focused approach to security awareness.

Business Growth and Profitability

Business Growth and Profitability

  • Profitable Growth Opportunities: Marketplace business models for security awareness and threat detection engines open new revenue streams and cross-selling opportunities.

  • Profitable Margins: Our user-based subscription model lets you pay only for subscribed products, offering to upsell or cross-sell opportunities. Plus, our volume-based pricing optimizes cost-effectiveness.

  • Co-Marketing and Co-Sales Boost: Plan annual marketing with our fully rebranded documents and custom social media content. Also, empower your sales program with our co-sales activities and specialized training.

Seamless Integration and Support

Seamless Integration and Support

  • Compliance-ready Platform: A scalable, regulation-compliant solution for customers across the US, EU, and MENA regions.

  • Advanced Support: Flexible support across countries and SLAs tailored to your business ensure optimal service delivery.

  • API-Driven Efficiency: Streamline customer management, invoicing, licensing, and reporting with our API-driven platform.

Key Features of Keepnet’s Human Risk Management Platform

  1. Unique Offerings & Customization

    • Distinctive Products: Differentiate with unique offerings like Voice Phishing (Vishing) Simulator, SMS Phishing (Smishing) Simulator, MFA Phishing Simulator, Threat Sharing, and Email Threat Simulator.

    • Tailored for Managed Services: Solutions specifically designed for managed services to enhance your offerings.

    • White-labeling: Increase brand visibility by rebranding our services as your own.

    • Training Delivery Through SMS: Address the needs of employees with limited email access in sectors like retail, heavy industry, and hospitality.

    • Scorm Cross-domain: Allow organizations to host Keepnet’s training on their LMS, leveraging their LMS capabilities and tracking reports on both platforms.

    • Direct Email Creation: No whitelisting is required as our phishing simulator creates a simulation email directly in the user's inbox, resolving delivery issues.

    • Accurate Reporting: Eliminate false clicks from automated security tools on simulated phishing campaigns.

  2. Seamless Integration & Efficiency

    • Multi-tenancy: Onboard channel partners and their resellers and customers for collective growth.

    • API-driven Platform: Integrate with any product to automate tasks like support tickets and invoicing, enhancing efficiency.

    • Business Intelligence (BI) Integration: Generate custom reports and insights tailored to your customers' needs.

    • Comprehensive Guide: Navigate our services with a well-documented technical product guide.

    • Self-service Onboarding: Efficiently onboard with a process that saves time and resources.

    • Real-time Email Monitoring: Have complete visibility for real-time email delivery statuses (delivered, bounced, failed).

    • Reliable Performance & Security: Hosted on Amazon AWS using CDN for content delivery, ensuring no performance issues or security concerns.

  3. Flexibility & Accessibility

    • Multilingual Training: Offer training in multiple languages to cater to a diverse global customer base.

    • Flexible Scheduling: Schedule training for any time, and it will be automatically delivered in the customer's local timezone.

    • Diverse Payment Options: Facilitate transactions with an optional credit card payment method and a pay-as-you-grow model to manage financial resources effectively.

What our partners are saying

“As a technical-heavy MSSP, we have always focused on delivering unparalleled service. Our association with Keepnet has further elevated our offerings. Keepnet’s platform, tailored for managed services, has streamlined our operations, making us more efficient and client-centric. We're set to redefine client satisfaction with Keepnet and expand our horizons.”

- Chad Fullerton, Director of Information Security at ECI

“Keepnet Labs has amplified our Human Risk Management capabilities. Their platform allowed our channel partners to onboard customers effortlessly. Direct email creation made phishing simulations and training seamless. White labeling boosted both our and our partners' brand visibility. The varied licensing options and a clear role and permission structure simplified customer management. Together with Keepnet Labs, we secure networks and educate individuals effectively.”

- Darran Clare, Cyber Education

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Keepnet Labs offer a credit card payment option?

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Yes, Keepnet Labs facilitates customer transactions with optional credit card payments. This flexible payment option enhances customer satisfaction by addressing diverse payment preferences.

What does Keepnet Labs' marketplace for threat detection engines offer?

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Our marketplace for threat detection engines allows you to improve threat detection capabilities by accessing a diverse range of engines. This broadens the scope of threat identification and strengthens your security measures, reducing reliance on a single detection system.

Can we incorporate our threat detection systems into Keepnet's infrastructure?

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Yes, Keepnet Labs offers integration with CRM systems to automate customer management. This integration streamlines your processes and enhances efficiency, allowing you to serve your clients better.

Do you have integration with CRM to automate customer management?

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Yes, Keepnet Labs offers integration with CRM systems to automate customer management. This integration streamlines your processes and enhances efficiency, allowing you to serve your clients better.

Where is your data center hosted, and in which location?

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Keepnet Labs operates data centers to ensure optimal performance and compliance with regional regulations. See more at

Does Keepnet impose any minimum purchase obligations for its services?

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Keepnet does not enforce minimum purchase commitments, allowing users to choose services based on their needs.

Can I bring my channel partners onto the platform to help them onboard their customers, thereby expanding my business?

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Yes, Keepnet supports onboarding your channel partners, enabling them to bring their customers onto the platform, which in turn can contribute to the growth of your business.

Is Keepnet Labs compliant with industry regulations and standards?

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Yes, Keepnet Labs adheres to industry regulations and standards, ensuring that our partners can offer compliant security solutions to their clients.

Is there an integration capability for invoicing, support, etc. tasks?

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Keepnet provides API capabilities that allow you to integrate various tasks, including invoicing and support, into your existing systems.

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