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ECI's Transformational Journey with Keepnet Labs


ECI is a standout name when we talk about companies that provide top-notch security services, especially for businesses in the finance sector. They've been around for a while, working closely with prominent organizations like the SEC, ensuring they're always updated with the latest rules and regulations. What makes ECI even more special? Their smart decision was to team up with Keepnet Labs.

Keepnet Labs offers a streamlined platform tailored to managed services and could cater to multiple clients simultaneously, eliminating the redundancy of repetitive tasks for each client. They also had solutions that protect against threats like vishing (voice call scams), smishing (text message scams), and even sophisticated attacks that try to bypass multi-factor authentication (a security process where you use two or more methods to log in). ECI saw the potential in these tools and offered them as part of their services, giving them an edge over similar companies.

ECI added its personal touch to the Keepnet platform to make things even better. They put their logo on it, making it feel more like a product. Plus, they've set things up so other businesses can partner with them and sell these services. This move showcases ECI's vision and ability to adapt and grow in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Successful Outcomes

  • Increased client retention and sales
  • Saved their time and energy
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction


  • ECI, despite its prowess in the security domain, grappled with significant challenges in its quest for an ideal Human Risk Management platform. They were searching for a vendor that could intuitively integrate into their daily operations, allowing them to gauge the platform's effectiveness before its full-scale deployment.
  • A primary concern for ECI was the need for a platform tailored for MSP/MSSPs. Their operations demanded a system that could cater to multiple clients simultaneously, eliminating the redundancy of repetitive tasks for each client. The stakes were high because they had a compact team dedicated to phishing and training for a vast clientele. The tool they sought had to be robust, efficient, and scalable.
  • Moreover, ECI's vision extended beyond just a functional tool. They aspired for a vendor capable of concurrently facilitating training dispatches to multiple companies. The ability to schedule training or phishing campaigns based on specific time zones or locations was crucial. This feature was a matter of convenience and a testament to ECI's commitment to delivering timely and relevant services to its global clientele.
  • Additionally, ECI viewed this platform as a golden opportunity to enhance its Cyber Services product line, aiming to attract new clients and retain existing ones. Their past experiences with a previous product had been less than satisfactory. Its cumbersome features and lack of user-friendliness had inadvertently driven clients away. ECI was determined to turn this narrative around, seeking a platform that would meet their operational needs and resonate with their client-centric ethos.

“In our journey spanning decades, we've collaborated with industry giants like the SEC and served numerous sectors with stringent regulations. Our partnership with Keepnet Labs is strategic, reflecting our commitment to innovation. Integrating their platform, we've seen an increase in client retention and an uptick in our Cyber Services product line sales. This isn't just about adopting a new tool; it's about setting new industry benchmarks and ensuring our clients receive nothing but the best.”

Chad Fullerton - Director Information Security for ECI

How Keepnet Labs Revolutionized ECI's Approach:

Upon their first interaction with Keepnet Labs during the Proof of Concept (POC) phase, ECI recognized they had discovered a particular vendor. Designed with the unique needs of MSP/MSSPs in mind, the platform empowered ECI to cater to multiple clients without the tediousness of repetitive tasks.

Here's what made Keepnet Labs stand out for ECI:

  • Scalability: The platform's ability to launch phishing campaigns across numerous clients simultaneously was a significant advantage. This streamlined their operations and freed up substantial time, allowing ECI to focus on revenue-generating activities.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Gone were the days of making users log into a clunky Learning Management System (LMS). Keepnet Labs introduced session-based training videos, eliminating the need for cumbersome logins; they could send training by email. This shift dramatically boosted customer satisfaction.
  • Operational Efficiency: With Keepnet Labs, ECI experienced smoother workflows, like scheduling training deployment across multiple companies. The platform's promptness in addressing queries and concerns ensured that ECI's operations ran seamlessly.
  • Upselling and Client Retention: ECI saw the potential to use Keepnet Labs as a tool to enhance its Cyber Services product offerings. This presented an upselling opportunity and a strategy to retain clients. Their previous platform, with its unwieldy features, had deterred clients. ECI was confident that Keepnet Labs, with its superior reporting, user-friendliness, and high-quality training content, would do the exact opposite - attract and retain clients.

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