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Our Culture

At Keepnet, we prioritise the human element in everything we do. Every day we help businesses build strong security awareness cultures. Internally, we are dedicated to creating a culture where our people have the right environment to be the best version of themselves.

Our Culture

Our Leadership Team

At the core of our mission to become the leading Human Risk Management Platform are our leaders. Our leaders combine their cybersecurity expertise with profound vision to steer our team towards achieving our objectives while nurturing our company culture.

Our Leadership team comprises savvy entrepreneurs and seasoned industry experts, each bringing years of invaluable experience to our vibrant and dynamic company.

Ozan Ucar
David Annable
Joe Busto
Simon Nicholls
Ozan Ucar

As the founder and CEO of Keepnet, Ozan is passionate about creating and delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity products that continuously protect businesses of any size from cyber threats.

Over 16 years in cybersecurity, Ozan has built and exited two successful startups. In 2008, he developed a new-generation firewall for his first venture. In 2010, he co-founded a cybersecurity consulting and training firm, serving clients globally, primarily in the EU and US.

Ozan's core competencies include information security, network security, penetration testing, forensics, incident response, and cyber security awareness and education. He holds international ethical hacker certifications and accreditations. Ozan is also a frequent speaker and contributor to national and international conferences, publications, and media outlets on various cybersecurity topics.

With Keepnet, Ozan aims to provide an extended human risk management platform that continuously protects businesses of any size from threats targeting the human element!

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Our People

At the heart of Keepnet lies a vibrant and diverse team spread across the different regions, driving our development and innovation. We thrive on teamwork, cherishing every success together.

We all foster a culture of continuous learning and growth. From sharing knowledge to embracing new challenges, we are constantly pushing boundaries and lifting each other up along the way.

Our People

What Our Team Members Say

Full Fledged Ninjas

Certifications and references of our teammates

certified ethical hacker
computer hacking forensic investigator
certified information systems auditor
certified in risk and information systems control
microsoft certified systems engineer
certified information systems security professional
advanced penetration tester
data protection officer
certified cloud security professional
network certified
certified chief information security officer
certified application security engineer
cisco certified ccna
ISO_IEC 27001 system certification
security auditor

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