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Callback Voice Phishing Simulation

Leverage an AI-powered Callback Simulator to test and train your employees against callback phishing attacks proactively.

Callback Voice Phishing Simulation

Callback Phishing, also known as Voice Phishing, is a social engineering attack that combines phishing and vishing to steal personal information or install malware. Keepnet’s Callback Simulator provides 250+ customizable and ready-to-use callback phishing templates in over 30+ languages. It helps you to train your employees to recognize and stop callback phishing attacks and create a security culture within your organization.

Did you know the FBI warned that callback voice phishing is now a prevalent threat to harm you with just one call?

Callback phishing attacks, or TOAD, surged by 625% in 2022, costing individual victims nearly $50,000 per attack. At its peak, it is recorded that over 600,000 daily TOAD incidents occur daily. Further, 3 out of 4 businesses lost money to voice scams, with an alarming average cost of over $14 million per year per business.

Protect Your Business with our Callback Voice Phishing Simulation and Security Awareness Training!

Elevate your organization's cyber security awareness and build a security culture against callback phishing attacks.

Enhanced Security Posture

Enhanced Security Posture

Address, identify, and correct risky human behaviors with callback phishing tests. Build a strong security culture and defend against callback phishing attacks.

Boost Cyber Security Awareness

Boost Cyber Security Awareness

Experience a significant improvement in your team's ability to spot and report callback phishing attempts with the simulated callback phishing tests. Our training programs have shown a 93% increase in employee preparedness within three months.

Financial Advantages

Financial Advantages

Reduce the risk of financial losses, averaging up to $1 million. Our callback phishing simulation offers an impressive saving of up to $60,000 through increased efficiencies and cost reductions.

Avoid Legal Risks

Avoid Legal Risks

Protect your organization from legal costs. Our callback phishing simulation ensures compliance with critical data protection laws, helping you navigate the complexities of regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Key Features of Callback Voice Phishing Simulation

  1. Tailored Callback Voice Phishing Simulation Campaign Templates

    • AI-Powered Phishing Simulations: Utilize AI-based text-to-speech or upload your voice recordings for your callback phishing campaigns.

    • Extensive Phishing Scenario Library: Over 250+ realistic callback phishing templates in over 30 languages, reflecting the latest trends in telephone-based cyber threats.

    • Voice Phishing Local Phone Numbers: Choose over 30+ range of phone numbers or add your local numbers to make your callback phishing campaigns more realistic and effective.

    • Real-World Phishing Simulation: Simulate real-life callback phishing scenarios within your organization to test and train employee responses to these unique threats.

    • Customizable Phishing Campaign Templates: Adapt callback phishing scenarios to fit your organization's specific context, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of your security training.

    • Varied Complexity Levels: Scenarios range from basic to highly sophisticated, accommodating all skill levels within your workforce.

    • Up-to-date Callback Phishing Templates: We regularly update scenarios to align your training with the latest callback phishing techniques and trends.

  2. In-Depth Analytics and Targeted Reporting

    • Automated, Real-Time Insights: Instantly track risky behaviors and gain detailed analytics to identify specific training needs in your organization.

    • Behavioral Pattern Analysis: Understand how your employees react to callback phishing tests, helping maximize effectiveness.

    • Customized Feedback & Adaptive Learning: Provide individual feedback and automate training based on employee behavior.

    • Continuous Progress Monitoring: Monitor your team's growth in recognizing and responding to callback phishing threats.

  3. Seamless Integration and Comprehensive Language Support

    • Effortless System Compatibility: Our simulator integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, such as your Learning Management System (LMS), to automate security awareness processes.

    • Multilingual Options: Available in over 30 languages, our callback phishing templates are ideal for diverse, global teams.

    • Engaging, Interactive Training: Engage employees with realistic, interactive callback phishing scenarios for a more effective learning experience.

    • Varied Training Formats: Use different learning methods using visual, textual, and interactive training materials, ensuring higher engagement and awareness.

What our customers are saying

“Our collaboration with Keepnet Labs in minimizing the threat of callback phishing is more than a strategy; it's a bold statement of our unwavering commitment to digital security and trust. By arming our team with the advanced skills needed to outsmart these threats, we're enhancing our defenses and redefining internet safety standards for our customers. By empowering our team with Keepnet Labs' cutting-edge Callback Phishing Simulator, we're not only bolstering our defenses, we're setting a new gold standard in internet safety within our company." read more

Micheal Smith, Co-Founder of Telecommunication Campany

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a callback voice phishing simulator and its role in preventing phishing attacks?

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A callback voice phishing simulator is a cybersecurity training tool that prepares employees to identify and respond to voice phishing or vishing attacks. Simulating realistic voice phishing scenarios equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

How can organizations enhance cybersecurity awareness with a callback phishing simulator?

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Employing a callback phishing simulator can lead to significant financial benefits for businesses by minimizing the risk of costly data breaches. It is a preventive measure, potentially saving companies from financial losses associated with phishing attacks, including fraud and data theft.

What are the financial implications of using a callback voice phishing simulator for businesses?

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Yes, it's ideal for in-depth research, thesis projects, and enhancing practical learning in cybersecurity courses.

How can callback voice phishing simulations help in complying with data protection regulations?

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Callback phishing simulations play a important role in helping organizations comply with data protection regulations by training employees to handle sensitive information securely. This proactive measure can prevent data breaches that lead to non-compliance fines and legal issues.

What key features should be looked for in a callback voice phishing simulator?

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When selecting a callback voice phishing simulator, key features include the availability of customizable phishing scenarios, a comprehensive library of realistic templates, options for local phone number integration, and analytics for assessing the effectiveness of training sessions.

What are the key features of Keepnet's Callback Voice Phishing Simulation?

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Key features include AI-powered voice phishing simulations, a comprehensive scenario library in over 30 languages, customizable campaign templates, real-world simulation, and varied complexity levels to test and train employee responses effectively.

How does the callback phishing simulator integrate with existing systems for seamless security training?

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Keepnet's callback voice phishing simulation integrates effortlessly with existing systems, like Learning Management Systems (LMS), to automate security awareness processes, making it a seamless addition to any organization's cybersecurity training program.

What analytics and reporting capabilities does the callback phishing simulator offer?

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The callback voice phishing simulator provides automated, real time insights, detailed analytics, behavioral pattern analysis, customized feedback, and continuous progress monitoring to identify specific training needs and enhance security posture.

How does localization enhance the effectiveness of callback voice phishing simulations?

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With the option to use local phone numbers and templates available in over 30 languages, localization makes callback voice phishing campaigns more realistic and effective, significantly improving employee engagement and awareness.

Is Telephone Oriented Attack delivery (TOAD) the same as callback voice phishing?

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Yes, Telephone Oriented Attack Delivery (TOAD) and callback phishing refer to the same type of social engineering, but are named differently. Both terms describe using telephone calls to deceive individuals into revealing personal information and financial details or gaining unauthorized access to computer systems. These attacks exploit human psychology and trust by impersonating legitimate entities or organizations. Despite the different terminologies, the core tactic remains: leveraging voice communication to commit fraud or install malware. Understanding this concept is significant for organizations and individuals to effectively recognize and mitigate potential threats.

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