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Vishing (voice phishing or voice scam) is a social engineering attack where hackers manipulate your employees into revealing confidential information (credentials, passwords, account numbers, proprietary data, and more) over phone calls. Keepnet’s AI-powered vishing simulator is fully compliant with FCC regulations, offering a secure and consent-based platform for enhancing organizational security awareness against voice phishing threats.

Did you know that 6.5% of employees have given away sensitive information to fake vishing calls?

Our 2024 Vishing Response Report revealed that 70% of organizations have been victims of fake phone calls (vishing). Vishing attacks cost an average of $14 million per year per organization.

Companies that add regular vishing simulations to security awareness training have the lowest vishing risk, with up to 90% success.

AI-Powered Technology STOP Vishing Attacks

The benefits of using the Keepnet Vishing Simulator include the following:

Improved cybersecurity posture

Improved cybersecurity posture

Launch a campaign within 5 minutes and witness immediate results, empowering your team to swiftly detect and respond to voice phishing attacks.

A stronger culture of cybersecurity

A stronger culture of cybersecurity

By fostering a cybersecurity culture within your organisation, you'll see an average 67% increase in your employees' incident reporting.

Reducing the risk of Legal Penalties

Reducing the risk of Legal Penalties

By helping businesses avoid costly fines and legal action by ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Return on investment

Return on investment

You can potentially save up to $5.4m annually, demonstrating a significant return on your investment.

2024 Voice Phishing (Vishing) Simulation Response Report

What You’ll Learn:
Secure and Legal Vishing Simulations: Learn how to conduct vishing simulations within legal and security guidelines across industries.
Vishing Risk Assessment: Discover how to evaluate vishing risks comprehensively across all company departments.
Vishing Simulation Results: Understand the vulnerability rates from vishing simulations to gauge current threat levels.
Mitigating Voice Phishing Risks: Utilize insights from the report to measure and lower voice phishing risks effectively in your organization.

Key Features of AI-Powered Vishing Simulator

  1. Advanced Simulation and Customization

    • AI-Powered Vishing Templates: Simulate various vishing scenarios with AI-powered text-to-speech option.

    • Realistic Vishing Scenarios: Test and train employees with scenarios that mimic real-world attacks.

    • Customization Options: Create tailored vishing scenarios to meet specific organizational needs.

    • Advanced Voice Phishing Campaigns: Incorporate your own voice recordings for advanced and personalized voice phishing campaigns.

  2. Integration and Continuous Enhancement

    • Integration with Keepnet Solutions: Seamlessly works with Keepnet's other security awareness training solutions to create a security culture.

    • Continuous Improvement: Regularly updated to reflect the latest vishing tactics and techniques.

    • Fully API-Driven: Ensures easy integration with various applications and systems.

  3. Reporting and Global Support

    • Automated Reporting: Provides detailed insights into employee performance and response effectiveness.

    • Multilingual Support: Accommodates the needs of global organizations with training materials in multiple languages.

What our customers are saying

“We recognized the need to improve our cybersecurity awareness program and protect employees from devastating voice scams. By implementing vishing simulations and enhancing our processes, we increased our control over vishing attacks and eliminated them 12 times faster. Our employees showed a 92% improvement in recognizing fake phone calls.” Read More

Global CISO, Bank

"Keepnet’s Vishing Simulator helped us craft scenarios tailored to our culture and goals, enabling our employees to identify, report, and counter cyber-attacks coming from phone. Keepnet contributed to a 30% increase in business efficiency, and our ability to identify and stop risks increased 12-times more." Read More

Ulas Kaya, Information Security Manager at Teknosa

Customer Reviews and Recognition

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You'll learn how to:
tickCreate your vishing template using AI text-to-speech, and add your own voice for a more personalized campaign, seeing the benefit of localization.
tickTest your employees' awareness against real-world voice phishing calls in minutes to protect against vishing.
tickCreate customized reports on your employees' behaviors and benchmark your business performance compared to other industries.

Resource Library

Case Study
Vishing Case Study

Discover how a bank saved thousands annually

Learn how a bank cut voice scam costs by 38%, and improved defense against vishing attacks by 92%.

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Vishing Simulator Brochure

Comprehensive datasheet on vishing simulation

Discover our robust protection against vishing attacks and explore the array of key features and benefits we provide.

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Vishing Simulator Whitepaper

Discover our in-depth whitepaper on vishing

Delve into our comprehensive whitepaper to understand the intricate landscape of voice scams and see strategic approaches.

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Vishing in 2023: A Deep Dive into Rising Cyber Threats

Explore the escalating threat of vishing in 2023, its profound impacts, and the need for effective countermeasures.

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Vishing Infographic

Explore visual information about vishing attacks

Explore our visually engaging infographic to get insight on the world of voice scams and uncover key statistics.

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Vishing Simulator Video

Watch our high-level technical video on YouTube

See the features and capabilities of our solution in action, how we empower your business to tackle voice scams with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vishing and How Does Keepnet's Vishing Simulator Address It?

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Vishing, or voice phishing, involves fraudsters using phone calls to extract confidential information. Keepnet's Vishing Simulator combats this by offering over 200 AI-powered simulations in 160+ languages. It trains employees to recognize and respond effectively to such attacks, enhancing your organization's defense against this growing threat.

Can Keepnet's Vishing Simulator Be Customized for Different Business Environments?

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Absolutely. The voice phishing simulator offers extensive customization options, allowing you to create tailored vishing scenarios that reflect your specific organizational context and the unique threats you face. This customization enhances the relevance and effectiveness of the training.

What Makes Keepnet's Vishing Simulator AI-Powered, and Why is This Important?

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Keepnet's Vishing Simulator uses AI-powered text-to-speech technology, enabling a wide range of realistic voice scenarios. This AI-driven approach ensures that voice phishing simulations are sophisticated and varied, providing a more effective training experience.

How Does Keepnet's Vishing Simulator Enhance Employee Response to Real-Life Vishing Attacks?

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Keepnet's Vishing Simulator trains employees to recognize the nuances of vishing calls, enhancing their critical thinking and response skills. By exposing them to various scenarios, including those using AI-generated voices or custom-recorded messages, employees learn to identify suspicious elements in real time calls, reducing the likelihood of falling victim to actual vishing attacks.

Can Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Benefit from Keepnet's Vishing Simulator?

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Absolutely. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are often targets of vishing attacks. Keepnet's Vishing Simulator is scalable and can be tailored to SMEs' specific needs and resources. It provides an affordable, effective tool for enhancing their cybersecurity posture against voice phishing threats.

What are the Financial Benefits of Using Keepnet's Vishing Simulator?

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Businesses can save up to $1 million annually using our Vishing Simulator. This significant saving comes from avoiding the costs associated with vishing attacks, such as data theft, financial fraud, and legal penalties.

How Does Keepnet's Vishing Simulator Help in Legal Compliance?

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Regular training with our Vishing Simulator helps businesses comply with privacy regulations, reducing the risk of costly fines and legal actions associated with data breaches and information theft.

What Kind of Reporting and Analytics Does the Vishing Simulator Provide?

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The simulator offers automated reporting, providing detailed insights into employee performance and the effectiveness of their responses to simulated vishing attacks. This data is important for assessing the success of your security awareness training program and identifying areas for improvement.

Is the Vishing Simulator Suitable for Global Companies with Multilingual Teams?

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The voice phishing simulator supports over 160 languages, making it an ideal training tool for global companies with diverse, multilingual teams. This ensures effective training for all employees, regardless of their primary language.

How Realistic are the Voice Phishing Templates Provided by Keepnet's Simulator?

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Our Vishing Simulator offers exceptionally realistic scenarios by allowing you to upload your own voice recordings or use AI-based text-to-speech technology. This feature enables you to create incredibly authentic scenarios, mirroring the tone and style of actual vishing calls. Additionally, the simulator guides users through interactive steps, simulating real-life interactions and decision-making processes. This level of customization and interactivity significantly enhances the training's realism, preparing employees more effectively for the types of vishing attempts they may encounter daily.

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