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Human factor causes over 95% of security breaches, which emphasizes the critical need for security training that reinforces learning based on behavioral science. Our advanced Learning Management System prioritizes compliance, establishes a security culture, and encourages secure behaviors. With a portfolio of 500+ courses in 30+ languages, we cater to all business sizes. We employ interactive tools like micro-videos and gamification, enhancing staff abilities to recognize and counter phishing threats.

Did you know that human error costs $4.24 million?

Even with security awareness training, 70% of employees still take risky actions. It's important to know that just following rules or just giving out information is not enough to keep your organization safe from cyberattacks anymore.

Build organizational and individual security culture to STOP Phishing Attacks

Here are the benefits of implementing the Keepnet Awareness Educator:

Build cybersecurity culture

Build cybersecurity culture

Foster a cybersecurity culture to strengthen defenses, mitigate risks, and promote responsible behavior among employees through comprehensive training, awareness programs, and robust policies.

Boosting Employees’ Anti-Phishing Skills

Boosting Employees’ Anti-Phishing Skills

Launch a course within minutes and see an immediate improvement in your staff's ability to identify phishing threats and adopt secure behavior.

Avoiding Legal Penalties

Avoiding Legal Penalties

Ensure compliance with data protection regulations, and avoid hefty fines and legal repercussions.

Return on Investment

Return on Investment

Potential savings of up to $2.2 million annually by preventing potential phishing attacks represent a significant return on your investment.

Key Features of Awareness Educator

Our Learning Hub is packed with user-friendly features that make cybersecurity education effective, engaging, and accessible:
  1. Trusted Platform: Build your security culture in your organization using our platform, which is trusted and used by over 2 million people
  2. Comprehensive Materials: Access diverse training content from top providers in one of the world's biggest security libraries.
  3. Extensive Vendor Selection: Utilize the rich content from over 10 vendors and have comprehensive training without sticking to one provider.
  4. Use Your LMS: Download training packages from our LMS as SCORM and upload them into your LMS to leverage your capability.
  5. Custom Content: Create your custom training materials and upload them into our LMS to match your organization's unique needs.
  6. Personalized Certificates: Award your team's success with custom certificates.
  7. Advanced Reports: Receive automated reports on your team's learning progression and have limitless custom reports.
  8. Gamification: Encourage participation in training programs using leaderboards.
  9. Automatic Assignment: Ensure the right employee gets the right training at the right time, e.g., auto-assign training to newly onboarded employees.
  10. Additional Materials: Reinforce learning through posters, infographics, cybersecurity tips, nudges, and screensavers based on behavioral science.
  11. Regulatory Training: Enroll in courses covering regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, FCPB, FRC, PCI, PII, etc.
  12. Attack Vector Training: Enhance knowledge and update employees about the latest threats with training focused on attack vectors.
  13. Role-based Training: Improve security through tailored training for managers and other roles in your organization.
  14. Engaging Storytelling: Make training sessions more engaging and memorable by incorporating short stories.
  15. Simulated Phishing: Boost your training by incorporating phishing, voice phishing, and SMS phishing simulations and test your training program.

What our customers are saying

“We've successfully trained 1,800 employees across our global stores, resulting in a 99% success rate in identifying phishing attempts within a year. This program not only fortified our defenses but also cultivated a robust security culture within Koton. From a financial perspective, we've realized an annual ROI of $10,792 and prevented potential losses of $177,708.” Read More

Suat UĞURLU, Associate Director, Technology Solutions and IT Security at Koton

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Discover how Koton fortified its phishing defense by 99%, slashing costs related to scams by over 85%.

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LMS: Your Phishing Shield

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Your Guide to a Secure Culture

Immerse in our whitepaper and learn strategies to overcome resistance and build a strong security culture.

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Empowering Cyber Security Awareness

Visualize the journey towards a robust security culture, key elements, benefits, and practical tips to secure your organization.

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Watch our high-level technical video on YouTube

See the features and capabilities of our LMS in action, how we empower your employees to stop phishing attacks confidently.

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