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Train your employees and build your security culture to STOP Phishing attacks!

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Human factor causes over 95% of security breaches, which emphasizes the critical need for security training that reinforces learning based on behavioral science. Our Security Awareness Training Platform prioritizes compliance, establishes a security culture, and encourages secure behaviors. With a portfolio of 2000+ training modules in 30+ languages, we cater to all business sizes. We employ interactive tools like micro-videos and gamification, enhancing staff abilities to recognize and counter phishing threats.

Did you know that human error costs $4.24 million?

Even with security awareness training, 70% of employees still take risky actions. It's important to know that just following rules or just giving out information is not enough to keep your organization safe from cyberattacks anymore.

Build organizational and individual security culture to STOP Phishing Attacks

Here are the benefits of implementing the Keepnet's Security Awareness Training Platform:

Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Through regular, bite-sized content, mitigate risk by going beyond compliance to create a cyber-resilient workforce. Witness an av. 92% increase in risk identification and reporting in 3 months.

Maximize Cybersecurity Engagement

Maximize Cybersecurity Engagement

Foster a cybersecurity culture to strengthen defenses, mitigate risks, and promote responsible behavior. Deploy training via email or SMS, any time, any place, on any device without the need to log in.

Keep Training Fresh

Keep Training Fresh

Don’t just depend on one security awareness training content provider. Choose from 10 out of the top 15 providers. Find the style that works for you and your team from 2000+ training modules.

Behaviour-Based Training

Behaviour-Based Training

Utilize innovative phishing simulators for Voice, SMS, QR Codes, Callback, and MFA to automatically deploy training based on users’ incorrect behavior to mitigate risk, saving up to $2.2 million annually.

Key Features of Keepnet's Security Awareness Training Platform

Our Security Awareness Training Platform is packed with user-friendly features that make cybersecurity education effective, engaging, and accessible, all on one learning hub:

  1. User-Centric Training Experience:

    • Trusted Platform: Build your security culture in your organization using our platform, which is trusted and used by over 2 million people

    • Comprehensive Content Selection: Utilize the world's biggest security libraries with rich content from over 10 of the top 15 content providers, and harness comprehensive training without sticking to one provider.

    • Use Your Existing Security Awareness Training Platform: Download training packages from our platform as SCORM-compliant files and upload them into your Security Awareness Training Platform to leverage your capability.

    • Personalized Certificates: Award your team's success with custom certificates.

    • Gamification: Encourage participation in training programs using leaderboards.

    • Engaging Storytelling: Make training sessions more engaging and memorable by incorporating short stories.

  2. Seamless Training Delivery & Reporting:

    • SMS Training Delivery: Delivers cybersecurity training directly to mobiles, ensuring inclusive education for all, especially those reliant solely on mobile phones. Ideal for employees in industries such as Courier services, Hotels, and Casinos with limited internet or no email access.

    • Advanced Reports: Receive automated reports on your team's learning progression and have limitless custom reports.

    • Automatic Assignment: Ensure the right employee gets the right training at the right time, e.g., auto-assign training to newly onboarded employees.

    • Simulated Phishing: Boost your training by incorporating email phishing, voice phishing (Vishing), and SMS (Smishing), MFA, QR Code, and Callback phishing simulations and test your training program.

  3. Specialized & Regulatory Training:

    • Additional Materials: Reinforce learning through posters, infographics, cybersecurity tips, nudges, and screensavers based on behavioral science.

    • Regulatory Training: Enroll in courses covering regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, FCPB, FRC, PCI, PII, etc.

    • Attack Vector Training: Enhance knowledge and update employees about the latest threats with training focused on attack vectors.

    • Role-based Training: Improve security through tailored training for managers and other roles in your organization.

    • Custom Content: Create your custom training materials and upload them into our LMS to match your organization's unique needs.

    • Behavior-Based Training: Automate security awareness training for your employees based on incorrect behaviors.

What our customers are saying

“We've successfully trained 1,800 employees across our global stores, resulting in a 99% success rate in identifying phishing attempts within a year. This program not only fortified our defenses but also cultivated a robust security culture within Koton. From a financial perspective, we've realized an annual ROI of $10,740 and prevented potential losses of $177,708.” Read More

Suat UĞURLU, Associate Director, Technology Solutions and IT Security at Koton

“In our industry, many of our employees are always on the move, without access to computers. The traditional methods of training just weren't cutting it. Thanks to Keepnet Labs, we've revolutionized our approach. Delivering cybersecurity training directly to their mobile phones, via SMS, has ensured that even our team members who are solely reliant on mobile phones aren't left behind in our cybersecurity initiatives. This platform truly understands the unique challenges of our industry and has provided us with an invaluable solution.” Read More

Jack Willson, Head of Security at Courier Company

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Resource Library

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Koton's Huge Savings Against Phishing

Discover how Koton fortified its phishing defense by 99%, slashing costs related to scams by over 85%.

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Learn from our data sheet how our LMS arms your business against phishing. Build a secure culture!

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Immerse in our whitepaper and learn strategies to overcome resistance and build a strong security culture.

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Fostering a Secure Workforce

Explore our blog to learn how to shape a secure workforce through behavior change and awareness.

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Empowering Cyber Security Awareness

Visualize the journey towards a robust security culture, key elements, benefits, and practical tips to secure your organization.

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See the features and capabilities of our LMS in action, how we empower your employees to stop phishing attacks confidently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary purpose of the Awareness Educator?

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The primary purpose of the Awareness Educator is to provide comprehensive security awareness training, ensuring that individuals and organizations are equipped with the knowledge and skills to defend against cyber threats. This platform emphasizes the importance of security behavior change, promoting a proactive approach to information security awareness.

How does the Awareness Educator address the

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The Awareness Educator focuses on human risk assessment and behavior change. Recognizing that human error is a significant factor in security breaches, the platform offers training modules like human factors in security, security behavior modification, and human error risk assessment to reduce human cyber risks.

What kind of training materials are available in the Awareness Educator's Learning Hub?

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The Learning Hub boasts a wide range of materials, including security awareness training videos, online cybersecurity courses, security training posters, security training infografics and other online security training training content. These resources cater to various levels, from cybersecurity training for beginners to advanced security awareness training.

How does the Awareness Educator help in

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The Awareness Educator promotes a security culture change by offering programs that emphasize security behavior management, security culture reinforcement, and security behavior feedback using nudge theory. Through continuous security behavior metrics tracking and analysis, organizations can monitor progress and foster a proactive cybersecurity awareness culture.

Can organizations customize the training content in the Awareness Educator?

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Yes, organizations can tailor the security awareness training content to meet their specific needs, ensuring relevance to their industry, size, and risk profile. This includes specialized modules like security training for remote workers or security awareness training for the healthcare and finance sectors.

How does gamification in the Awareness Educator enhance employee engagement in training programs?

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Gamification introduces elements like security awareness training games, quizzes, and challenges. This approach enhances employee engagement by making the learning process interactive, competitive, and fun, leading to better retention and application of cybersecurity best practices.

What kind of regulatory training does the Awareness Educator offer?

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The Awareness Educator provides compliance training, data protection training, and other regulatory modules tailored to various industries, ensuring organizations meet their legal and industry-specific cybersecurity requirements.

How does the Awareness Educator ensure that employees receive role-specific training?

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The platform offers specialized modules like IT security training for IT staff, security awareness training for HR, and security training for customer support. By categorizing training based on roles, the Awareness Educator ensures that employees receive relevant and targeted security education.

Can organizations integrate simulated phishing exercises into the Awareness Educator training sessions?

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Absolutely. The Awareness Educator in integrated to our phishing simulation product, allowing organizations to integrate simulated phishing exercises. This hands-on approach helps employees recognize and respond to phishing threats effectively.

How does the Awareness Educator help organizations in avoiding legal penalties related to data protection?

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By offering comprehensive data protection training and compliance training modules, the Awareness Educator equips organizations with the knowledge to adhere to data protection regulations. This proactive approach reduces the risk of breaches and the associated legal penalties.

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