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Security Awareness Training for Secure Employee Behavior

Raise your employees' ability to identify phishing by 93% in 6 months and transform your security awareness training program.

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Traditional security awareness training often fails to be effective because of a one-size-fits-all approach that does not result in real employee behavior change. Effective training programs should focus on developing practical, positive behaviors in cybersecurity. Therefore, Keepnet Labs has revolutionized security awareness training based on behavioral science, focusing on building a robust security culture. This approach empowers your employees to identify and report phishing threats proactively.

Did you know that 69% of people behave insecurely, even when they know their actions are risky?

According to Gartner, although over 90% of cybersecurity functions have security awareness training programs, 69% of employees still show insecure behavior. Additionally, it is important to measure the effectiveness of security awareness training programs on employees, but only 43% of these programs can consistently measure employee behavior.

Security Behavior Change with AI-based Security Awareness Training

Traditional cyber security training methods don’t effectively change employee behavior. The benefits of using Keepnet’s Security Awareness Training include the following:

Reduce Risk

Secure Employee Behavior

Launch a phishing, vishing, smishing, quishing, MFA phishing, or callback phishing campaign within minutes and automate security training based on incorrect behavior. This will empower your employees to detect and respond to phishing attacks.

Strong Security Culture

Strong Security Culture

Empower your employees to report suspicious emails using Keepnet Labs' Phishing Email Reporter add-in. This will help create a strong security culture and increase suspicious email reporting by up to 87%.

Reducing The Risk of Legal Penalties

Reducing The Risk of Legal Penalties

Helping businesses avoid costly fines and legal action by ensuring Maintain compliance with laws and regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, or the Data Protection Act, and more to avoid costly fines and legal action.

Save on Operational Costs

Save on Operational Costs

Use autopilot and self-driving features to create 12 months of security awareness training. Reduce time by 95% - no stress with manual effort!

Key Features of Keepnet’s AI-Powered Security Awareness Training for Secure Employee Behavior

  1. Phishing Awareness Training and Simulation: 

    • Phishing Simulation: Simulates email-based phishing attacks for employee training in identifying and reacting to deceptive emails.

    • Voice Phishing Simulation: Simulates phone-based attacks for training employees in responding to malicious calls.

    • SMS Phishing Simulation: Replicates SMS-based phishing attacks, teaching employees to recognize and respond to malicious text messages.

    • QR Code Phishing Simulation: Focuses on QR code phishing, testing, and training employees on the risks associated with scanning unknown QR codes.

    • MFA Phishing Simulation: Simulates attempts to bypass Multi-Factor Authentication, emphasizing the importance of secure MFA practices.

    • Callback Voice Phishing Simulation: Trains employees to identify fake callback requests used in social engineering attacks.

    • Cybersecurity Awareness Training: Enhancing security awareness with 500+ courses in 30+ languages from 12+ best-in-class security awareness training content providers, including interactive micro-videos and game-based training. 

  2. Integration and Continuous Security Awareness Training

    • Continuous Updates for Latest Tactics: Ensures training content is always up-to-date with evolving phishing techniques and strategies.

    • API-Driven for Easy Integration: Integrate our products with your solutions and automate processes such as security training, phishing simulation, reporting, gamification dashboard, or user management.

    • SMS-Based Security Training: Launch training over SMS to your employees where email is inaccessible, such as in retail and blue-collar industries.

    • Advanced Reporting Tool: Using the Phishing Reporter add-in, equip employees with the skills and tools to report suspicious emails and increase reporting by up to 82% in 6 months.

    • Gamification: Make training engaging! Encourage participation in training programs using leaderboards.

    • Regulatory Training: Enroll in courses covering regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, FCPB, FRC, PCI, PII, etc.

    • Behavior-Based Security Training: Deliver targeted or adaptive training automatically in response to employees' incorrect actions.

    • Diverse Content Styles: Offer a range of content formats to ensure organizations can choose the most suitable and effective style for their teams. This flexibility allows for a customized learning experience. 

  3. Reporting, Support & Customization

    • Automated Reporting: Delivers comprehensive analytics on employees' performance and response to simulated phishing tests or real attacks.

    • Multilingual Support: Offers training materials in multiple languages to cater to global organizations.

    • AI-Powered Phishing Simulation Templates: Uses AI-driven text-to-speech technology to create realistic phishing scenarios, enhancing the training experience.

    • Realistic Scenarios: Provides scenarios that closely mimic real-world cyber attacks, enabling employees to practice in real-world situations.

    • Customization Options: Allows the creation of tailored phishing templates and scenarios to meet an organization's specific needs, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

What our customers are saying

“As a heavily connected company, we’re always at risk of social engineering threats, such as Phishing and Ransomware, against our staff and contractors. We chose KNL for our mandatory cyber security awareness training as part of our threat mitigation strategy. As the threat landscape is everchanging, a key component is ensuring we’re assessed regularly to minimize risk from the latest attempt to breach our borders. Thus, ensuring coverage and an easy-to-use product that was both engaging and relevant with relevant comprehensive compliance reports was a top priority, and after assessing many products, the Keepnet Team was able to fulfill all of our requirements in a very cost-effective package that we’ve been very happy with!"

Shashi Mohan - VP of Engineering, Sail Internet

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You'll learn how to:
tickUse comprehensive phishing simulations, including Email, Voice, MFA, QR Code, Callback, and SMS, to train your employees to adopt more secure behaviors.
tickUtilize the rich content from over 10 security awareness training vendors and have comprehensive training without sticking to one provider.
tickUtilize automated reports to gain insights on employees’ behavior, helping you benchmark your company’s cybersecurity amongst your industry.

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You'll learn how to:
tickAutomate behaviour-based security awareness training for employees to identify and report threats: phishing, vishing, smishing, quishing, MFA phishing, callback phishing!
tickAutomate phishing analysis by 187x and remove threats from inboxes 48x faster.
tickUse our AI-driven human-centric platform with Autopilot and Self-driving features to efficiently manage human cyber risks.
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