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Explore our comprehensive collection of success stories and case studies, showcasing our expertise in combating cyber threats through our Extended Human Risk Management Platform. Dive deep into our collaborations with leading companies, where we've employed cutting-edge strategies to fortify their digital landscapes. These case studies highlight our cybersecurity prowess and serve as a testament to our commitment to safeguarding businesses in an ever-evolving digital world. Discover how we've made a difference and learn from our proven methodologies.

Callback Simulator
Callback Simulator Case Study

Telecommunication Company’s Story Against Callback Phishing

Discover how telecommunication company secured their organization and created a secure culture within their organization to fight against callback phishing attacks with Keepnet.

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Quishing Simulator
Quishing Simulator Case Study

Guarding Retail Against QR Phishing

Learn how Keepnet protects a global retailer from QR phishing attacks, saving costs and enhancing the organization's security culture.

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Email Threat Simulator
Email Threat Simulator Case Study

Transforming Email Security: A Powerful ETS Impact Story

Learn how our client fortified their email defenses, reduced potential losses, and increased their ability to identify malicious emails by 89% with ETS.

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Awareness Educator
Mssp Partners Case Study

ECI's Transformational Journey with Keepnet

Keepnet's partnership with ECI led to sales growth, brand visibility, and cybersecurity excellence.

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Smishing Simulator
Smishing Case Study

Hotel Chain's Triumph Over Smishing: A Case Study

Discover how an international hotel chain overcame a severe smishing attack, transforming from vulnerable to vigilant.

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Phishing Simulator
How to cut phishing claims by nearly 89%

Partnership on Human Risk Management

Forgify & Keepnet's alliance transformed cybersecurity, emphasizing human risk, leading to a 40% sales boost and brand enhancement.

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Awareness Educator
Awareness Educator Case Study

Koton's Huge Savings Against Phishing

Discover how Koton fortified its phishing defense by 99%, slashing costs related to scams by over 85%.

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Incident Responder
Supply Chain Case Study

Strengthening Supply Chains: Insights from Insurers

Explore how safeguarding your supply chain can protect your business, with valuable insights provided by an insurer.

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Phishing Simulator
Insurance Business Partners Case Study

Reducing Cyber Insurance Payouts by 89%

Discover how a leading insurer cut phishing claims by 89% and improved cybersecurity with Keepnet.

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