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Save an average of 90% of your time and $2,366 on every social engineering test by partnering with us.

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Pentesters face time-consuming challenges with social engineering simulations — from buying domains to troubleshooting email delivery. These tasks drain not only time and energy but also money. Partner with Keepnet to automate these processes, save time and money without manual intervention, and gain unique capabilities like SMS, MFA, and Voice Phishing simulations.

Did you know that the average pentester spends 3 days on a single social engineering test?

Customized social engineering scenarios are essential for pentesters and red team members. Yet, crafting and executing these campaigns manually is time-consuming and challenging. A single phishing simulation test can cost $2,400 over three days. These tasks consume valuable hours and add stress and significant financial burdens.

From Pentester to Pentesters: AI-Powered Human Risk Management Platform

Benefits of partnering with Keepnet Labs:

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

Using Keepnet’s Phishing Simulator , cut a 3-day campaign to 20 minutes, saving $2,366 each time. This efficiency boosts revenue, allows for more assignments, and frees up time for specialized tasks, enhancing your industry reputation.

The Power of Automation

The Power of Automation

Minimize manual labor and foster innovation. Automation ensures faster project completion and unparalleled value delivery to clients, setting you apart in the industry.

Privacy and Legal Compliance

Privacy and Legal Compliance

By ensuring secure communication and verifying data on-the-fly without storage, pentesters can offer their clients peace of mind, knowing that sensitive information remains protected during tests.

Reduce False Positives

Reduce False Positives

Reduce false positives by up to 100% with Keepnet, freeing pentesters to focus on unique challenges and potentially boosting revenue by up to 30%.

Key Features of Keepnet Human Risk Management Platform

  1. Realistic and Tailored Simulations

    • Advanced Simulation Tools: Craft realistic Phishing, Vishing, and Smishing scenarios with features like MFA-themed, TOAD, and multi-page landing pages tailored for pentesters and red teams.

    • Customizable Templates: Design diverse phishing attacks to fit any scenario.

    • Realistic Scenarios: Test with MFA-themed, Data submit, Attachment, and Click-only, Vishing calls, SMS phishing delivery scenarios for authentic social engineering simulations.

  2. Efficient Delivery and Reporting

    • Efficient Delivery: Our Direct Email Creation simplifies phishing delivery, eliminating the need to send emails.

    • No Whitelisting Required: Create simulation emails directly in the user's inbox, resolving delivery issues permanently.

    • Automated Reporting: Gain insights on performance and integrate with other Keepnet cybersecurity solutions for a comprehensive approach.

    • BI Tools Integration: Enhance reporting with built-in PowerBI and Qlick integrations.

  3. Advanced Integration and Customization

    • Eliminate False Clicks: Automatically detect and remove clicks from automated security tools in simulated campaigns.

    • Continuous Updates: Stay ahead with updates reflecting the latest phishing tactics.

    • Multilingual Support: Cater to international organizations with diverse language needs.

    • Custom Domain Usage: Design culturally and linguistically relevant phishing scenarios.

    • SSL-Enabled Domains: Ensure realistic and secure campaigns while enhancing security culture.

    • API-Driven Automation: Integrate and automate tasks seamlessly with any solution.

    • Randomized Scenarios: Deliver varied phishing scenarios to employees, fostering a robust individual security culture.

What Our Customers Say

“As a lead pentester, I pride myself and my team as unique, valuable, creative, and competitive professionals. With Keepnet, we have freed up more time, increased our efficiency, and reduced up to 95% of our social engineering working time, enabling us to focus on more important tasks. Keepnet's unified Voice, SMS, QR, Callback, and MFA phishing in one platform gave us competitive advantages in the market.”

- Joe, Lead Pentester

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Keepnet Labs assist with domain-related challenges in phishing simulations?

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Traditionally, pentesters spend around two hours purchasing a domain and setting up DNS records. Keepnet Labs offers over 40+ phishing domains on its platform, all with privacy proxies and IP addresses that aren't exposed online. This saves pentesters significant time and effort.

What solutions does Keepnet provide for email server challenges?

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While pentesters typically spend 50 hours annually on email server setups, costing them at least $1000, Keepnet Labs offers dedicated cloud email servers with dedicated IP addresses. These servers provide high-speed email delivery, handle email queues, and manage bounces.

How does Keepnet handle email authentication protocols like SPF, MX, DMARC, and DKIM?

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Keepnet Labs has all the necessary DNS records for each domain, ensuring better email delivery without the need for pentesters to spend time or money on these configurations.

What solutions does Keepnet offer for SSL certificate challenges?

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Pentesters often spend 2-3 hours setting up SSL certificates. Keepnet Labs provides valid wildcard SSL certificates for each domain, allowing instant subdomain creation with a valid SSL certificate.

How does Keepnet assist with creating email templates for phishing tests?

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While pentesters might spend 2-8 hours crafting email templates, Keepnet Labs offers over 2000 phishing templates and an easy-to-edit editor on the platform, saving valuable time.

What about landing page creation for phishing tests?

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Pentesters traditionally spend 4-10 hours designing landing pages. Keepnet includes 1000+ landing pages that work on all modern browsers, ensuring they aren't detected as malicious by security solutions.

How does Keepnet handle attachment-based phishing scenarios?

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Keepnet Labs offers attachment-based templates in various formats like pptx, xls, docx, etc., allowing pentesters to use them in phishing scenarios without coding skills.

How does Keepnet simplify the user upload process for phishing tests?

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While the time taken for user uploads varies, Keepnet Labs offers options like EXCEL/CSV upload, SCIM integration, and API support to streamline the process.

How does Keepnet handle reporting challenges post-phishing tests?

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Traditional reporting can take pentesters 10-15 hours per report. Keepnet Labs offers thousands of metrics customers desire and can provide more metrics in different report formats. With API capability, customers can consume this data and create their reports. Additionally, Keepnet Labs integrates with BI tools like PowerBI and Qlik for unlimited reporting capabilities.

How does Keepnet address email delivery issues during phishing tests?

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Pentesters often face challenges in bypassing security solutions and avoiding false clicks. Keepnet Labs offers a direct email creation feature that creates emails in targeted employees' inboxes without any delivery issues, ensuring guaranteed delivery without whitelisting.

How does Keepnet simplify the report-sharing process with customers?

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While pentesters traditionally spend 1-2 hours sharing reports with customers, Keepnet Labs offers a reporting capability that customers can export in different formats. They can also provide customers access to the reporting dashboard with a read-only role.

What makes partnering with Keepnet Labs a strategic move for pentesters?

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Partnering with Keepnet Labs allows pentesters to automate many time-consuming tasks associated with phishing simulations, from domain purchase to report generation. This saves time and significantly reduces costs, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in pentesting operations.

How does Keepnet's Smart Sandbox Detection feature benefit pentesters?

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Smart Sandbox Detection reduces false positives, allowing pentesters to focus on unique challenges and potentially boosting their revenue by up to 30%.

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