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Revolutionizing Pentesting: A Leading European Pentester's Transformation with Keepnet Labs

Discover how a top European pentester transformed operations with Keepnet Labs' innovations.

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In the heart of Europe, a leading security testing company gained prominence in the online safety world. They had more than 2000 clients from different parts of the world. People knew them for their high-quality work, accuracy, and reliability. They were experts in finding weak spots in extensive computer systems and advising on strengthening them.

However, the operations of the pentesting company, especially in social engineering simulations, were deeply scriptized with tons of manual control. Each simulation required meticulous planning, from domain acquisitions to crafting convincing phishing templates and generating detailed reports. While their commitment to quality was unwavering, the time-intensive nature of these tasks was becoming a significant impediment.

The pentesting business recognized the need to evolve to maintain their esteemed reputation and cater to the growing demands of their global clientele. They were looking for a solution that could seamlessly integrate with their operations, automating the labor-intensive tasks without diluting the quality of their services. Their goal was clear: to enhance efficiency, reduce turnaround time, and continue delivering top-tier services that their clients had come to expect.

Successful Outcomes

  • Achieved significant annual cost savings of $2,366 per phishing campaign.
  • Reduced time spent on campaigns from 3 days to 20 minutes.
  • Reduced the false positives by up to 100%.
  • Boosted sales by up to 30%.
  • Gained unique capabilities like SMS, MFA, and Voice phishing simulations and differentiated its business.

Challenges Faced by the Pentester

1. Manual Overhead:

  • Delivery Issues: Ensuring emails reach the intended recipient's inbox is challenging during social engineering tests. Servers often block them due to deceptive links and attachments. Pentesters invest considerable effort to bypass these barriers.
  • Domain Acquisitions: The process of purchasing and managing domains for each simulation was not only tedious but also time-consuming. Ensuring the domain's credibility and setting it up for the simulation added layers of complexity.
  • Custom Templates: Crafting convincing phishing templates requires a blend of technical know-how and creativity. Each template had to be unique, relevant, and tailored to the target, demanding hours of meticulous work.
  • Report Generation: After each simulation, pentesters must manually compile detailed reports, filtering out false positives and analyzing the results. This process often extends the duration of the project.


Time-Consuming Simulations: The manual nature of their operations meant that even with their expertise, a single social engineering test took up to 3 days. This not only consumed valuable hours but also added layers of stress, especially when handling multiple clients simultaneously.

3. Financial Strain:

  • Operational Costs: The manual processes quickly increased, averaging $100 per hour. A single test, spanning over three days, amounted to $2,400. This presented a significant financial burden when scaled to multiple clients and projects.
  • Opportunity Costs: The time spent on manual tasks meant missed opportunities. The pentester could have undertaken more projects or invested time in research and development, further enhancing their services.

4. Lack of Automation:

  • Repetitive Tasks: Many tasks, like sending phishing emails or collecting data, were repetitive. The absence of automation meant each job required individual attention, making it challenging to scale operations.
  • Inconsistencies: Manual processes, by nature, are prone to inconsistencies. Ensuring uniformity in simulations, mainly when catering to a global clientele, was a challenge without automation.

"As a senior pentester, I pride myself and my team as unique, valuable, creative, and competitive professionals. With Keepnet, we have freed up more time, increased our efficiency, and reduced up to 95% of our social engineering working time, enabling us to focus on more important tasks. Keepnet's automation capabilities have also significantly reduced costs for our employers and clients. This leads to greater satisfaction and loyalty, making our team stand out from the rest."

- Joe Ray, Senior Pentester

Return on Investment (ROI)

Average Cost of Social Engineering Testing

Avg. time to conduct a social engineering test
from 3 days to 20 minutes
The average cost of one staff
$100 per hour
The cost of a single social engineering test reduced
from $2,400 to $33,3
The total estimated cost savings are $2,366 per test.

How Keepnet Labs Stepped In:

1. Time and Financial Savings:

  • Quick Campaigns: With Keepnet’s Phishing Simulator , the pentester could cut a 3-day campaign to 20 minutes, drastically reducing the time spent on each project.
  • Significant Cost Reduction: The streamlined process saved $2,366 for each simulation, enhancing profitability.

2. The Power of Automation:

  • Efficient Task Management: Keepnet Labs' solutions allowed the pentester to minimize manual labor, automating repetitive tasks and ensuring simulation consistency.
  • Innovation and Quality: The pentester could now allocate more time to research and development, fostering innovation and ensuring they delivered top-tier services to their clients.
  • Scalability: Automation meant the pentester could handle multiple projects simultaneously, catering to the growing demands of their expansive clientele.

3. Privacy and Legal Compliance:

  • Secure Data Handling: Keepnet Labs ensured secure communication and on-the-fly data verification, ensuring that sensitive information was never at risk.
  • Client Trust: The robust security measures offered clients peace of mind, knowing their data was safe and the simulations adhered to the highest privacy and compliance standards.

4. Increasing Efficiency & Revenue:

  • Acquisition of Unique Capabilities: Gained new technologies like SMS, MFA, and Voice phishing simulations beyond traditional email phishing simulation.
  • Reduced False Positives: The pentester could now reduce false positives by up to 100% with Keepnet, ensuring that the results of the simulations were accurate and reliable.
  • Enhanced Focus: With fewer false positives, the pentester could concentrate on unique challenges, improving the quality of their service.
  • Revenue Boost: The efficiency and accuracy provided by Keepnet's solutions boosted revenue by up to 30%.

5. Customized Training Materials:

  • Tailored Content: Keepnet Labs provided the pentester with customized training materials, ensuring their clients were well-equipped to handle real-world threats.
  • Global Relevance: The materials were tailored to cater to the diverse geographical locations of the pentester's clientele, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

6. Continuous Updates and Support:

  • Staying Ahead: Keepnet Labs ensured that the pentester had access to the latest tools and techniques, reflecting the ever-evolving landscape of phishing tactics.
  • Dedicated Support: The pentester had the assurance of round-the-clock support from Keepnet Labs, ensuring smooth operations and swift resolutions to any challenges.

Operational Results

  • Reduced time spent on campaigns from 3 days to 20 minutes.
  • Reduced false positives by up to 100%
  • Consistent quality of service across all clients, with advanced simulation tools at their disposal.
  • Enhanced reputation in the industry due to faster delivery and high-quality service.

Strategic Results

  • Significant cost savings of $2,366 per phishing test.
  • Boosted revenue by up to 30%
  • Increased client base due to the ability to deliver faster and more advanced simulations.
  • Strengthened position in the market as a leader in automated pentesting.
  • Acquired distinct features such as SMS, MFA, and Voice phishing simulations and differentiated its business.

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