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A leading carrier company has an expansive reach with 18 regional offices, 40 transfer centers, around 1,500 branches, a massive fleet of over 6,000 vehicles, and a dedicated team of 15,000.

Case Study: How SMS Delivery Training Transformed Security


A leading carrier company with 18 regional offices, 40 transfer centers, 1,500 branches, 6,000 vehicles, and 15,000 employees serves nearly 20 million people monthly. They faced a big ongoing challenge: social engineering attacks.

It was difficult to provide cybersecurity training for their large team, many of whom used only mobile phones without email accounts. Managing threats from email, voice (vishing), SMS (smishing), and MFA phishing added to the challenge.

After evaluating options, they chose Keepnet for SMS-based training. Keepnet's comprehensive solution against social engineering threats included specialized security training via SMS. The goal was to enhance digital security, build trust with customers, employees, and partners, and maintain a strong global brand reputation.

Successful Outcomes

  • Educated 15,000 employees globally using the SMS Delivery feature.

  • Prevented a $2,635,500 potential loss.

  • Improved employees’ ability to recognize phishing by 90% in 6 months.

Risks of Social Engineering Attacks for Couriers

As a global courier company, this organization faces not only typical cybersecurity threats but also challenges specific to logistics and delivery. Human risk, responsible for 95% of cybersecurity incidents, significantly impacts the company. Here's a closer look at the implications:

  • Regulatory Consequences: Non-compliance could have led to fines, penalties, and legal issues, potentially resulting in heightened inspections or suspension of operational licenses.

  • Financial Problems: Security issues might have caused compensation claims for compromised, lost, or misdirected shipments, as well as data breaches and ransoms.

  • Reputational Damage: Compromises in confidentiality and reliability could have severely tarnished the company's reputation, especially regarding sensitive shipment details or customer data.

  • Operational Issues: Responding to phishing attacks could have strained resources, causing delayed deliveries, misrouted packages, or warehouse backlogs.

  • Exposure to Identity Fraud: Attackers could have gained access to employee credentials, manipulating transportation routes or timings, posing a unique threat to couriers.

  • Package Integrity Concerns: Security breaches might have resulted in theft, tampering, or unauthorized access to sensitive or classified shipments.

  • Client Confidentiality Issues: Breaches could have leaked trade secrets, prototypes, or sensitive documents, raising corporate espionage concerns.

  • Real-time Tracking Vulnerabilities: Attacks could have manipulated or faked delivery statuses, causing panic, confusion, or mistrust among customers.

"In our industry, many employees are always on the move, without computer access. The traditional methods of training just weren't cutting it. Thanks to Keepnet, we've revolutionized our approach. Delivering cybersecurity training directly to their mobile phones via SMS has ensured that even our team members who rely solely on mobile phones aren't left behind in our cybersecurity initiatives. This platform truly understands the unique challenges of our industry and has provided us with an invaluable solution.”

Jack Willson, Head of Security at Courier Company

Potential Loss Prevented

The average loss per individual


Employees recognize and report Phishing

from 55% to 90% in 6 months

The total potential loss prevented: $2,635,500 annually

How Keepnet Stepped In

  • Access to Trusted Threat Data Pool: Keepnet enabled Abdi İbrahim's access to an extensive network with a significant threat data pool, allowing them to acquire and disseminate cyber threat intelligence via sector-based communities while ensuring anonymity.

  • Custom Threat Intelligence Sharing: Keepnet supported Abdi İbrahim in creating its own threat intelligence sharing platform within a trusted ecosystem. This custom solution further enhanced their ability to automatically manage and respond to incoming threats.

  • Comprehensive Threat Intelligence Management: Keepnet assisted Abdi İbrahim in setting up an automated threat intelligence sharing environment that integrated community-shared threat intelligence into their network security products.

  • Automating Threat Intelligence Lifecycle: Automation, facilitated through their SOAR Platform, allows for the automatic removal of malicious emails, threat blocking, and streamlining of the entire threat intelligence lifecycle.

  • Supersonic Incident Response: Abdi Ibrahim responded to phishing attacks 48.6 times faster and removed threats from inboxes within minutes.

Operational Results

  • Trained 15,000 employees globally using Keepnet’s SMS Delivery feature.

  • Achieved a 90% success rate in identifying phishing attempts.

  • Enabled swift responses with automated incident reporting.

  • Strengthened the company's security culture and better-prepared employees to handle phishing attempts.

Strategic Results

  • Prevented a potential loss of $2,635,500.

  • Ensured compliance with laws and regulations.

  • Strengthened digital security with robust protocols and an incident response strategy.

  • Streamlined automatic training, increasing efficiency by eliminating the need for in-person training.

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