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How an Insurer Cut Phishing Claims by Nearly 89%

Discover how a leading insurer cut phishing claims by 89% and improved cybersecurity with Keepnet Labs.

How an Insurer Cut Phishing Claims by Nearly 89%


A prominent EU insurer with over 4,400 agents, 1,700 brokers, and 4,000 employees faced rising payouts due to phishing attacks on policyholders. Over the past 3 years, cyber insurance claims doubled, and payouts surged by 200%, with average losses of $1,500 per employee.

Seeking a solution, the insurer aimed to partner with a provider offering a consolidated platform for clients with their cyber policies. The goal was to minimize breaches, reduce payouts, and ensure a secure digital environment for all stakeholders.

Successful Outcomes

  • Reduced cyber insurance payouts by up to 89%.

  • Deduced the claims from 1644 to 180 per year.

Understanding the Risks in the Cyber Insurance Landscape

  • Phishing Payouts: Phishing is the #1 leading cause of payouts in cyber insurance, leading to escalating costs for insurance companies.

  • Lack of Training: The absence of cybersecurity awareness training for clients increases vulnerability to attacks and subsequent payouts.

  • Standardization Issues: Cyber insurance lacks standardized policy terms, causing confusion among policyholders. The absence of historical loss data makes accurate policy pricing and loss prediction challenging.

  • Regulatory Challenges: The regulatory landscape for cyber insurance is still evolving. Varying requirements across jurisdictions complicate operations for insurers in multiple regions.

  • Surge in Claims: Over the past 3 years, cyber insurance claims have increased by 100%, with payouts rising by 200%.

"Since integrating with Keepnet Labs, we've seen a dramatic 89% reduction in cyber insurance payouts. This isn't merely a financial win; it stands as a testament to our commitment to client security and the trust they place in us."

- Oliver Abney, CISO of Insurance Partner

Total Cost Saved From Claims

Before Keepnet

After Keepnet

Median Cost of a Cyber Attack



Number of Claims Annually


180 (11% of 1,644)

Total Payout Annually



Reduction in Payout



How Keepnet Helped

  • Revealing Breached Employees: Searched for leaked passwords and emails to check for compromised employees.

  • Phishing Reporting: Installed an AI-powered phishing reporting add-in for detection and response.

    Identifying Risks: Identified risky behaviors, including falling for phishing scams and not reporting incidents.

  • Awareness Training: Implemented a training program using behavioral science techniques to promote secure behavior.

  • Email Security: Tested email security tools (SEGs) to find and fix vulnerabilities.

  • Threat Sharing: Updated threat-sharing policies to include attacker profiles and tactics, sharing this intelligence with policyholders and authorities.

Operational Results

  • Addressed human risk and the lack of detection and response capabilities within its client base.

  • Employees and policyholders identified phishing scams in 91% of phishing campaigns.

  • Created a security culture across policyholders that reduced the risk of data breaches.

Strategic Results

  • Reduced cyber insurance payouts by up to 89% by addressing human risks among policyholders.

  • Lowered the insurance claims from 1,644 to just 180.

    Improved incident response measures across the policyholders.

  • Helped policyholders’ employees to report phishing attacks actively.

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