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MSSP Business Model

The evolution of cyberspace has outdated the most of our current security solutions and the rapid change of the IT world makes it difficult to ensure security for organizations. Hence, even the biggest organisations have been confronting security issues. Without the proactive tools, these issues are able to damage businesses. Today’s cybersecurity world has some challenges:

To bring a solution to these issues and challenges, organizations have to have new strategies like abandoning traditional and reactive strategies and adopting more proactive ones. One of the wags to achieve this is to have multi-layered security tools and also security expertise. However, most organizations lack these resources. They lack the sources such as technology, budget and security expertise to develop and maintain an effective security stance.

Managed security services are a perfect solution to the challenges organisations have been facing. A managed security service provider (MSSP) partnership has the potential to resolve the internal resource problem organisations have and fills in the gap within the security issues organization to fight against cyber threats.

In this paper, we are going to reveal how MSSPs could be a perfect business model to fight against advanced threats and bring solutions today’s security challenges organisations have been facing.

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