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Threat Sharing Whitepaper

With the increasing number of cyber attacks and problems around the lack of time, budget and decreasing manpower, industry professionals appear to be in an impossible position to secure and defend their organisations adequately.

The FBI’s Internet Crime Report (IC3) stated that more than $1.7 billion in losses in 2019 resulted from ’business email compromise’ complaints. Business Email Compromise is a tgpe of email attack whereby the attacker gains access to a person’s corporate inbox. Theg tgpicallg watch that inbox, learning the users stgle and behaviour, and when the time is right for them, theg launch their attack bg sending their email from the real users corporate inbox. For example, theg mag interject during a time when the company is about to make a large transaction and bg changing the account details on an invoice before forwarding it on, the attacker will tgpicallg make a significant financial gain. Business Email Compromise accounts for more than half of the $3.5 billion in losses reported in the 23,775 individual internet and cgber crime complaints received.

Threat Sharing Whitepaper



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