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Collaborative Success in Human Risk Management

Keepnet's partnership with Forgify led to sales growth, brand visibility, and cybersecurity excellence.

Human Risk Management Success: Forgify and Keepnet Labs


One of the only Human Risk Management solutions providers in the UK, Forgify Ltd, has recognized the need to expand its offerings, particularly with a focus on ‘fully rounded’ and ‘robust’ technology in the highly dynamic field of cybersecurity.

Keepnet, known for its all-in-one platform, offered a solution by integrating tools like voice, SMS, and MFA phishing simulations, along with phishing incident response. This focus on the human element of security was precisely what Forgify Ltd needed to enhance its services, grow its business, and boost revenue.

The partnership between this leading cybersecurity company and Keepnet created new opportunities for innovation and growth, showcasing a great example of teamwork. This case study looks into the challenges, solutions, and benefits of this partnership, showing how targeted solutions can help achieve business goals and provide excellent value to customers.

Successful Outcomes

  • Built $ 1M of pipeline in 6 months

  • Enhanced brand visibility & increased customer satisfaction

  • Gained Competitive advantage


The security partner faced several challenges:

  • Limited Service Portfolio: In a saturated cybersecurity market, standing out requires unique and comprehensive offerings.

  • Limited Growth: Traditional partnership models and limited brand recognition hindered sustainable growth.

  • Complex Security Processes: Managing phishing security, human risk, and delivering accurate campaign reports were increasingly problematic.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring GDPR compliance and robust security standards was necessary and challenging.

  • Scalability Concerns: The ability to support business expansion seamlessly was essential.

"When looking for a Human Risk Management Partnership, Keepnet was the standout choice. Unique, relevant, and the only solution we saw to help mitigate current and future threats through Voice, SMS, and the ever-evolving Phishing landscape. Every organization should be looking to Keepnet to manage their Human Risk securely.

With a team that exudes a passion, energy, enjoyment, and desire to work as a true partnership, Keepnet was the only choice."

- Wayne Speechly, Group Director of Forgify LTD

How Keepnet Stepped In

  • Expanded Service Offerings: Integrating unique products like Vishing Simulator, Smishing Simulator, and more.

  • Multi-Tenancy Platform: Enabling channel partners and customers onboarded on Keepnet's platform for collective expansion.

  • Enhanced Cybersecurity Education: Access vast awareness resources and training in multiple languages for different cultures.

  • Compliance Assurance: ISO certification and GDPR-compliant solutions ensure operations within legal bounds.

    Scalable Infrastructure: Using Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud to support growth.

  • Automated Processes: API-driven platform and fully automated phishing simulations increased efficiency.

Operational Results

  • Leveraged integration and guides to reduce support needs, increasing efficiency.

  • Customized services and flexible payments boosted loyalty.

  • Used Keepnet’s marketplace to deliver tailored training, boosting awareness.

  • Improved threat detection and readiness for stronger protection.

Strategic Results

  • Achieved a 40% sales increase in five months through new revenue streams and cross-selling.

  • Created a $1 million pipeline in six months, expanding future revenue.

  • Differentiated with an automated platform and with innovations like SMS-delivered training.

  • Strengthened brand identity with white-labelling, improving recognition.

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