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Human-Centric Security and Strategic Partnerships

Human-centric security focuses on the human element in cybersecurity, advocating for strategic partnerships to strengthen defenses. Learn how aligning human behaviors with security protocols and partnering with experts can elevate your organization's security.

Human-Centric Security and Strategic Partnerships

In cybersecurity, numbers tell a compelling story. Picture this: a remarkable 40% increase in sales within just 5 months. Imagine the potential to create a $10 million pipeline. And then the ability to unlock an astounding $2 million in revenue potential from the SMB market alone.

Now, let's go beyond the numbers. Traditional cybersecurity has often centered around creating impenetrable technological defenses, but we've realized that the weakest link isn't in our software or hardware—it's us, the humans. From an employee accidentally clicking a malicious link to a manager opting for convenience with a weak password, human actions, and behaviors consistently challenge security protocols.

Recognizing this, the cybersecurity landscape is shifting. It's evolving to prioritize the human element, empowering individuals to be the first line of defense against digital threats. And in this transformative journey, strategic partnerships have emerged as the key to success.

Keepnet Labs isn't just a partner—it's your gateway to enhanced sales, substantial revenue growth, and the resilience needed to thrive in today's digital landscape. This blog explores why Keepnet Labs stands out and how strategic collaboration with us can redefine your approach to cybersecurity. Welcome to a world where numbers aren't just statistics; they're the foundation of your success.

The Human Factor: Beyond Technology

With its web of codes, algorithms, and protocols, the technology often gives the illusion of being an impervious fortress. Yet, time and time again, it's not the sophisticated technology that becomes the weak link in the chain but the humans interacting with it. With its inherent unpredictability and susceptibility to error, the human factor introduces vulnerabilities that even the most advanced systems can't always account for.

Human behavior and decision-making, influenced by many factors ranging from psychology to external pressures, can often lead to lapses in judgment. For instance, a stressed employee might bypass a security protocol for convenience, or a well-intentioned manager might share sensitive information without verifying the recipient's identity. While seemingly innocuous, such actions can open the floodgates to significant security breaches.

Let's explore a few case studies that underscore the ramifications of neglecting the human element:

  • The Acme Corp Incident (2019): At Acme Corp, an employee received an email that appeared to be from the company's IT department, urging immediate action to update their system. Without verifying the email's authenticity, the employee clicked on the embedded link, inadvertently granting hackers access to the company's database. The breach resulted in the loss of sensitive data for thousands of clients and a significant blow to Acme Corp's reputation.
  • Global Finance Leak (2020): While traveling, a high-ranking executive at Global Finance connected to a public Wi-Fi network to access company files. Unbeknownst to him, the network was compromised. This oversight led to a massive leak of financial data, impacting millions and leading to substantial financial losses for the firm.
  • HealthNet Hack (2021): HealthNet, a healthcare provider, fell victim to a phishing scam when an employee mistakenly provided login credentials in response to a fake security alert email. The breach exposed the medical records of over 500,000 patients, leading to lawsuits and a loss of trust in the institution.
  • SolarWinds Attack (2020): One of the most sophisticated cyberattacks in history, the SolarWinds breach was orchestrated through a supply chain attack. Malicious code was inserted into a legitimate software update for the SolarWinds Orion product. Thousands of customers, including government agencies and Fortune 500 companies, unknowingly downloaded the compromised update, giving hackers unprecedented access to their systems. The breach had far-reaching implications, affecting national security and corporate secrets.
  • Capital One Breach (2019): A former employee of Amazon Web Services exploited a misconfigured firewall in Capital One's infrastructure, gaining access to the personal information of over 100 million customers. This breach underscored the importance of proper configuration and insider threat management.
  • Marriott International Incident (2018): Marriott International announced that hackers had accessed the reservation database of its Starwood division, compromising the personal details of up to 500 million guests. The breach was attributed to compromised login credentials, emphasizing the need for robust access controls and regular audits.
  • Yahoo Data Breach (2013-2014): In what is considered one of the largest data breaches ever, Yahoo revealed that all 3 billion user accounts were affected by a breach in 2013-2014. The breach resulted from a spear-phishing email received by a Yahoo employee. The incident had lasting implications for Yahoo, both financially and reputationally.
  • Target Stores Attack (2013): Target fell victim to a massive data breach where credit and debit card information of 40 million customers was stolen. The attackers gained access through a third-party HVAC vendor with weak security measures. Once inside Target's network, they were able to exploit further vulnerabilities, leading to a massive data leak. This breach highlighted the risks associated with third-party vendors and the importance of vetting and monitoring all entities with network access.

These incidents serve as stark reminders that technology alone isn't the panacea for cybersecurity challenges. While firewalls, encryption, and other tech solutions are crucial, they must be complemented by a keen understanding of human behavior. Training, awareness campaigns, and fostering a culture of cybersecurity mindfulness become paramount.

We must remember that the human factor remains central to cybersecurity. Overlooking this element doesn't just risk data breaches—it jeopardizes trust, reputation, and what organizations stand for.

The Keepnet Labs Difference

Founded on the principle that true cybersecurity transcends mere technological barriers and delves deep into the human psyche, Keepnet Labs has carved a niche, redefining how organizations perceive and tackle digital threats.

At its core, Keepnet Labs recognizes a fundamental truth: while machines run on binary codes, humans operate on emotions, instincts, and experiences. This understanding has driven Keepnet Labs to develop solutions catering to servers, systems, and those using them. Our pioneering approach to cybersecurity isn't just about building higher digital walls; it's about empowering individuals, cultivating awareness of their digital surroundings, and equipping them with the tools and knowledge to act as the first line of defense against potential threats.

Keepnet Labs' flagship offering is central to this ethos: the Human Risk Management Platform. This isn't just another security software; it's a comprehensive suite designed to address the multifaceted challenges posed by human vulnerabilities in the digital realm.

Let's explore deeper into the standout features of Keepnet Labs' platform:

  • Quantifying and Managing Human Risk: A single human error can cost $4.24 million. Keepnet Labs' platform assesses employee behavior during attacks, offering tailored training to transform them into a proactive defense line against cyber threats. With our AI-Driven awareness courses, Keepnet goes beyond just email threats. With socially engineered attacks on the rise, employees face risks from phone calls, SMS, and QR code attacks, accounting for losses of up to $108M for businesses. Keepnet Labs offers unique vishing and smishing simulation modules, ensuring employees are well-equipped to recognize and counteract a wide range of attack vectors.
  • Mapping the Email Attack Surface: Knowledge is power, especially in cybersecurity. With 64% of all data breaches resulting from exposed data and a staggering 90% of breaches resulting from known attacks, it's crucial to understand an organization’s vulnerabilities. Keepnet Labs allows organizations to monitor their attack surface, including leaked credentials, from a hacker's perspective, potential threats are identified and addressed proactively.
  • Reducing Misconfigations and Enhancing Email Security Posture: Despite the robustness of enterprise email security solutions, including O365, G Suite, and SEGs, they still miss 82% of soft threats. Keepnet Labs' platform simulates real-world threats in a safe environment, helping organizations identify security gaps. Coupled with expert guidance, it ensures continuous improvement of the existing security infrastructure.
  • Automated Threat Sharing: Knowledge is power, especially in cybersecurity. A staggering 90% of breaches result from known attacks. By joining Keepnet Labs' trusted threat-sharing communities, organizations can stay ahead of potential threats, preventing advanced attacks more efficiently and resulting in potential savings of up to $2.3 million.
  • Supersonic Incident Response: Delays in threat analysis and response can be detrimental, with average incident handling times reaching up to 70 days. Keepnet Labs offers a solution that accelerates the detection, analysis, and response to threats by a factor of 48.6, ensuring threats are neutralized swiftly.
  • Quantifying and Managing Human Risk: A single human error can cost $4.24 million. Keepnet Labs' platform assesses employee behavior during attacks, offering tailored training to transform them into a proactive defense line against cyber threats.
  • Nudge Theory for Security Culture Development: Knowledge alone isn't enough. Despite being aware of the risks, 70% of individuals still engage in insecure behaviors. Keepnet Labs goes beyond mere awareness, implementing the Nudge Theory to drive genuine behavioral change, fostering a secure organizational culture.

Keepnet Labs emerges as a beacon of holistic, human-centric security solutions. Their comprehensive approach ensures that organizations are safeguarded against current threats, prepared, and empowered to tackle future challenges.

Success in Synergy: The Keepnet Labs Partnership Experience

Unparalleled Benefits:

Partnering with Keepnet Labs offers a plethora of advantages, let’s take a deep dive into some of the benefits:

Comprehensive Solutions:

With 95% of data breaches arising from human error, Keepnet Labs' holistic approach to cybersecurity ensures that partners benefit from a 360-degree protection strategy, addressing threats from both technological and human fronts.

Unified Platform:

Keepnet Labs offers a unified security solution, merging 9 unique Human Risk Management Products into one integrated platform. This streamlines threat management and bolsters overall defense by eliminating the need to juggle multiple products. The result is a more efficient and cohesive approach to human risk management.

Cutting-Edge Innovation:

With a commitment to continuous research and development, partners gain access to cybersecurity tools, techniques, and insights. With a focus on continuous innovation and development, the Keepnet Platform often undergoes upgrades and improvements taken directly from the client’s needs.

Enhanced Credibility:

An association with a recognized industry leader, like Keepnet Labs, bolsters a solution provider's market reputation, signaling a commitment to top-tier solutions and excellence.

Shared Expertise:

With Keepnet’s deep understanding of human-centric cybersecurity solutions and solution provider's unique insights and technological prowess, together we can reframe how innovative solutions reach those in need, addressing the multifaceted challenges of the sector.

Expanded Reach:

Partnerships amplify the reach and the impact of solutions. Solution providers can tap into new markets and demographics, leveraging Keepnet Labs' established reputation and client base. Conversely, Keepnet Labs benefits from its partners' diverse clientele and networks, ensuring its solutions resonate with a broader audience.

Economic Synergies:

Collaboration with Keepnet will lead to cost efficiencies. Shared resources, joint marketing campaigns, and collaborative product development can result in significant savings, allowing both entities to invest more in research, innovation, and customer-centric initiatives.

The Dynamic Landscape:

In the rapidly evolving world of cybersecurity, threats don't stand still – and neither should solutions. Partnering with us ensures you're not just reacting to today's challenges but proactively preparing for tomorrow's. With our expertise and adaptability, together we can stay ahead of the curve, ensuring robust protection in an unpredictable landscape. Let's navigate the future of cybersecurity, hand in hand.

The Keepnet Labs partnership experience is more than just a business alliance; it's a journey of shared visions, mutual growth, and collective success. Solution providers, irrespective of their size or specialization, find in Keepnet Labs a partner that understands their challenges, amplifies their strengths, and paves the way for a future where cybersecurity threats are met with robust, innovative, and human-centric solutions. The success stories are not just testimonials; they affirm what's possible when synergy and innovation converge.

Joining Forces: The Call for Collaborative Excellence

In tech industry, individual threads, no matter how strong or vibrant, can only achieve so much. When these threads intertwine, creating a cohesive and collaborative fabric, true excellence emerges. This philosophy lies at the heart of Keepnet Labs' approach to partnerships. By joining forces with solution providers, Keepnet Labs aims to weave a narrative of shared visions, mutual growth, and collective defense against the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.

Book a Demo Call

As we conclude this exploration, a final call resonates: Cybersecurity, with all its opportunities and challenges, awaits. The question is, are we equipped to navigate its complexities? Are we ready to harness the transformative power of human-centric solutions and collaborative excellence? Keepnet Labs extends an open invitation to those seeking answers, guidance, and a trusted ally in this journey. An invitation to explore, engage, and together, shape a safer, more empowered digital future. The future of cybersecurity is not just about codes and algorithms; it's about people, partnerships, and shared visions.

Let's embrace it together. Book your 30-minute demo call now and see how the partnership with Keepnet will boost your revenue and increase sales!



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tickUse our AI-driven human-centric platform with Autopilot and Self-driving features to efficiently manage human cyber risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should solution providers consider partnering with Keepnet Labs?

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Partnering with Keepnet Labs provides solution providers a unique opportunity to tap into advanced, human-centric cybersecurity solutions. This collaboration offers a competitive advantage in the market and opens doors to new customer segments. Additionally, Keepnet Labs' reputation as a leader in the field can significantly boost a solution provider's credibility and value proposition.

How does Keepnet Labs' approach differ from other cybersecurity solutions?

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Unlike many solutions that focus purely on technological defenses, Keepnet Labs strongly emphasizes the human element of cybersecurity. Their platform offers a blend of training, simulation, and monitoring tools designed to address vulnerabilities arising from human behavior, all consolidated into a user-friendly, integrated platform.

What kind of support can Channel Partners expect from Keepnet Labs?

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Channel Partners are provided with a comprehensive support package that spans technical assistance, training sessions, marketing materials, and dedicated account management. Keepnet Labs is committed to ensuring a smooth and productive collaboration, aiding partners in every step of their journey.

Are there any financial incentives for Channel Partners?

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Absolutely! Channel Partners can avail of various financial benefits, including exclusive discounts on products, a lucrative revenue-sharing model, flexible payment options, and opportunities for cross-selling and upselling, maximizing your profit potential.

How does Keepnet Labs handle data privacy and compliance?

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Data privacy and protection are of utmost importance to Keepnet Labs. We adhere to stringent global data protection regulations and have mechanisms in place to ensure that our solutions not only protect user data but also assist partners in staying compliant with evolving cybersecurity and data protection standards.

How can interested solution providers initiate a partnership with Keepnet Labs?

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Solution providers keen on exploring a partnership can directly reach out by filling in our demo form or by reaching out directly to The dedicated partnership team at Keepnet Labs is always ready to provide detailed information, answer queries, and guide potential partners through collaboration.

How does Keepnet Labs ensure the continuous training and development of Channel Partners?

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Keepnet Labs believes in the continuous growth and empowerment of its partners. To this end, they offer regular training sessions, webinars, and workshops, ensuring Channel Partners are always updated on the latest features, tools, and best practices. This commitment to education ensures that partners can confidently and effectively represent Keepnet Labs' solutions to their clientele.

How does the partnership process with Keepnet Labs work?

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The partnership journey begins with an initial discussion to understand mutual goals, alignment and the market opportunity . Once onboarded, partners undergo a comprehensive orientation to familiarize themselves with Keepnet Labs' solutions. Regular check-ins, support sessions, and feedback loops ensure a smooth and productive partnership, with both parties working collaboratively towards shared success.

Are there any geographical restrictions for becoming a Channel Partner with Keepnet Labs?

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Keepnet Labs has a global vision and welcomes partnerships from solution providers worldwide. While they have a strong presence in certain regions, they are always eager to expand their footprint and collaborate with partners from diverse locations, ensuring their solutions reach a global audience.

How does Keepnet Labs stand out from other cybersecurity competitors?

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Keepnet Labs differentiates itself through:

  • Holistic Attack Coverage: Solutions span all phases of email attacks, from planning to data loss prevention.
  • Unique Simulation Tools: Offers specialized tools like Vishing , Phishing , and Smishing Simulators to train employees against varied threats.
  • Proactive Monitoring: Scans the Dark Web and Deep Web for potential data leaks, ensuring early threat detection.
  • Rapid Incident Response: The Incident Responder tool accelerates threat analysis and response times.
  • Proactive Monitoring: Scans the Dark Web and Deep Web for potential data leaks, ensuring early threat detection.
  • Community Threat Sharing: Allows trusted communities to share and leverage collective threat intelligence.
  • Human-Centric Focus: Emphasizes improving human behavior in cybersecurity, turning employees into a proactive defense line.
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