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How to Create Phishing Templates for Security Awareness

Empower your security awareness with our expert guide on creating effective phishing templates. Learn the tactics that hackers use and how to simulate them to educate your team. Enhance your organization's defense against email threats today!

How to Create Phishing Templates for Security Awareness

Create phishing awareness email templates –Email is an important part of how we communicate daily since it has been our personal and professional lives. As a result, it has emerged as one of the most popular methods for hackers to attempt to steal sensitive data.

Today, more than 90% of data breaches start with a phishing attack. Social engineers use manipulative phishing email messages which impersonate a legitimate person or an institution to trick the recipient into clicking on the fake links to steal sensitive information, such as passwords, bank account numbers, and Social Security numbers, etc.

Social engineers may attempt to take over a computer system or a local network, as well as steal money and credit card information, or both. Furthermore, they may attempt to access multiple internet accounts to exploit a user. They can infect your computer system or its components with malicious software simply by tricking people into clicking on fake links to phony websites that influence a computer system with malicious software.

1- Prevent the attacks by using different phishing email templates

Keepnet Labs offers a lot of different Phishing awareness email templates to get users ready for different schemes of email attacks. You can easily edit and send phishing email templates to train your employees for free.

2- Phishing awareness email template management

Keepnet Labs’ cybersecurity awareness and anti-phishing platform enable you to select and customize the phishing scenarios to be used in the phishing campaign. The scenario samples in the system are accessible from the “Phishing Scenarios” tab.

Figure 1. Phishing Email Template List

Using the buttons in the Action column of the template list, you can perform various actions on the template, such as editing, customizing, and duplicating. Existing templates can also be altered. After making changes, save them by clicking the save button.

keepnetlabs phishing templates.png

Fig 2. Phishing awareness email template edit

Keepnetlabs phishing email template edit.png

Following the completion of the e-mail bombing, the Email Threat Simulator Module’s reporting feature offers a complete description of the emails sent. It provides statistics such as how many harmful emails were sent, how many of these emails surpassed the firewall, and what sorts of malware were used.

3- Adding a New Phishing Email Template

keepnet phishing template landing.png

Email samples with the.eml extension are used to create template components. To make an email into a template, save it in the.eml file format.

An example of creating a template is demonstrated below. Note: It depends on which email client will be used. Options for email clients must be checked.

Fig 4. Original Email

original mail keepnet.webp

Register and use the Keepnet Labs phishing awareness email template for free. Security awareness training is critical since threat actors are always looking for new ways to attack and the threat landscape is continually changing. People are the most vulnerable asset in organizations today. Criminals know people can provide much more to make their exploits successful, and training people on how to identify and stop phishing attacks is critical. Keepnet’s Phishing Simulator is a cyber security program that allows organizations to send benign phishing emails that look real However, they are completely false to their employees to test their users for free.



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