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Business Model for MSSPs

Keepnet Labs’ business model for MSSPs helps business partners to deliver the next-generation security solutions that ensure a fast return on security investments and boosting productivity. Keepnet provides a scalable and integrated solution that creates an efficent, automated process against email-based attacks. Keepnet’s expertise n security and ts history of partnership programs wth many businesses around the globe as well as the knowledge exchange between these partners have led to many achievements.

Together with our business partners, we can provide effective and strong security solutions to our people. Our MSSP program provides new services and revenue streams to security firms.

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You'll learn how to:
tickAutomate behaviour-based security awareness training for employees to identify and report threats: phishing, vishing, smishing, quishing, MFA phishing, callback phishing!
tickAutomate phishing analysis by 187x and remove threats from inboxes 48x faster.
tickUse our AI-driven human-centric platform with Autopilot and Self-driving features to efficiently manage human cyber risks.
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