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Cyber Security in the Healthcare Industry

Cyber Security in the healthcare Industry: It is your DNA, what is at stake!

First line of cyber defence in the healthcare industry: Human Element

The healthcare industry in today’s world has experienced tremendous technological transformation. The developments have brought efficiency and significant benefits to care delivery. On the other hand, the industry faces increasing threats from cybersecurity issues.

Cybersecurity leaders in the healthcare industry have the most important responsibility to offer guidance and protect their organizations. According to a recent study by Deloitte, the major concerns for healthcare firms comprise phishing, ransomware, and pre-existing vulnerabilities.

Key Areas of Focus

In the webinar organized by Keepnet Labs, the host discusses the recent trends in cybersecurity threats that the healthcare industry is susceptible to. Through their discussion with Rohit Pachauri, it becomes apparent that the primary concerns highlighted by Deloitte are more profound, especially involving phishing and ransomware. The two threats are connected because phishing is an avenue for exploiting their victims, whereas ransomware is the delivery agent or software.

From the perspective of a CISO, the priorities of a healthcare organization from the security lens include protecting the patient data (both within the organization’s environment and across the entire ecosystem), ensuring data integrity is upheld and implementing processes in a manner that helps them to withstand any changes in staffing and technology.

The cybersecurity expert also highlights other threats worth considering, such as exploitation of data for nefarious means, insider risk, and the PLC devices used in hospitals and clinics, which can be compromised through unauthorized access.

Most importantly, amid the technological developments, Pacheri identifies the human element as the weakest link within the system.

How to Stay Secured

Based on how healthcare networks and communication systems are connected, the first line of protection addresses the key points where human elements interact with the system.

The security teams at their respective healthcare organizations play an essential role in helping everyone at the firm become aware of the threats and understand ways to keep their organization safe from attackers.

Cyber Security in the Healthcare Industry Event

25.08.2022 10:00 AM


(Pacific Daylight Time)

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