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Automated Repetitive Tasks

Sync your users to the platform —It’s a breeze!

Use Keepnet’s industry standard integration capabilities such as SCIM, LDAP and Rest API, or use seamless integrations with Okta, Pingit, Azure AD, ADFS and many others.


Create rules with Keepnet’s built-in playbook to automate tasks which take up your SOC team’s time. As an example, an employee may report an already-known malicious attachment. The playbook rule initiates an investigation process that automatically deletes the email.


No more manual analysis! Keepnet automatically detects URLs and attachments in emails and analyzes them with built-in analysis engines.


Keepnet starts auto-investigation if it finds a malicious attachment or suspicious IPs and URLs after analysis. Based on the playbook rules, you can create auto actions such as “Move to trash”, “Permanently Delete” or “Send Warning Message”.


Automated and customizable notifications such as email analysis results, re-analysis results, and investigation results can be sent via email to reporting users, specific users, or user groups.

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