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Full Control in Tenant Management

As a professional necessity, managing a multi-tenant environment to track activities and control is a must. KeepnetLabs modules and general product activity can be used to manage client engagement.

Role and Permission – MSPs/MSSPs

Role management allows you to create custom roles for your administrator users. Give or restrict access to each module and section.

Visualize activity

Visualizing a company/subsidiary’s activity provides full control over platform usage.

Onboarding Companies

Easily onboard companies through the interface as well as automating through API by integrating with your CRM. As a result you can easily manage your client profiles, licenses, roles and permissions.

One-click campaign launch to multiple companies

Launch phishing campaigns or awareness training modules to all of your subsidiaries’ target users with just one click.

A technology that covers
all phases of email attacks

Keepnet Labs protects businesses throughout the life cycle of email-based attacks, using holistic products that cover people, process and technology to prevent breaches and data loss.

Increase awareness

Simulate phishing attacks and provide training to increase employee knowledge about email-based threats.

Employees participate

Enable your employees to report suspicious emails via the Phishing Reporter add-in.

Support Heroes

Our cyber superheroes are always there to keep you out of trouble.

Patent Pending Technologies

Keepnet’s unique technologies help you keep your organization secure.

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