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Holistic Approach

Keepnet Labs protects businesses throughout the lifecycle of email-based attacks and provides a holistic approach to people, processes and technology to reduce breaches and data loss.

Holistic Approach


Individual members are the weakest link in your information security systems. It is imperative to consider the Human Factor as one of the most important elements in cybersecurity systems. With phishing simulation, online training and incident response features, Keepnet Labs transforms users into proactive agents who can identify and defend against cyber attacks.



Establishing and maintaining information-security awareness through an ongoing security awareness program is vital to your organization’s progress and success. Keepnet Labs provides a “process solution” which enables companies to develop their own security processes and execute them. This includes creating real-time development charts and monitoring compliance with standards.



First-line-of-defense systems are more than plug-and-play systems; they require constant updates and reconfiguration against next-generation attack vectors to improve incident response capability. Keepnet Labs uses threat simulation and threat intelligence to uncover and take preventive action against email-based malware —especially phishing attacks— that target the “first-line-of-defense technology” users.

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You'll learn how to:
tickAutomate behaviour-based security awareness training for employees to identify and report threats: phishing, vishing, smishing, quishing, MFA phishing, callback phishing!
tickAutomate phishing analysis by 187x and remove threats from inboxes 48x faster.
tickUse our AI-driven human-centric platform with Autopilot and Self-driving features to efficiently manage human cyber risks.
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