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Palo Alto Cortex

In the security engines with which Incident Responder is integrated, the end user’s e-mail is analysed. If the analysis results are proven to be harmful, the company’s SOC team will try to take action to find and delete the malicious e-mail with solutions such as Antivirus, Firewall, EDR, Proxy, and so on. This process takes a long time to do manually, which slows incident response and it cause more damage to the company due to slow response to a incident.

Integration with the Incident Responder module provides additional power to manage reported problems and conduct investigations automatically and more efficiently.

Integrate Quickly and Easily

The platform’s REST API library makes integration quick and easy.

End-to-end Integration

You can control almost all of the Incident Responder features using Palo Alto Cortex. For example, you can update a case and start a new investigation.

Monitor Your Team Performance

Integration also gives you the ability to track the performance of your analyst team.

Increase The Effectiveness of Your Analyzes!

Different analysis engines in which your SOAR solution is integrated can be used to analyze the incidents.

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