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Seamless, automated identity service that supports SCIM standard to provision users. The PingIndetity is already integrated with the platform for providing users and launch training, starting a phishing campaign, and assigning many tasks to your employees,

Custom Attributes

The Email, Name, Surname, or Department information of the users can be synchronized easily as well as other custom attributes, such as company name, country, and mobile phone.

Seamless Integration

Thanks to our SCIM endpoint, Keepnet comes with Azure AD integration by default for user synchronization.

Real-time Synchronization

The target users can be synchronized to the platform by triggered on the Azure AD or set up automation with a SCIM integration. Importing new users, offboarding existing users, or updating users’ attributes are all automated.

Automated User Provisioning

Thanks to SCIM, the synchronization from the Active Directory identity provider to the platform is fully automated, and no needed human interaction!

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