Sendgrid is a marketing email service. Sendgrid integration is used to send emails from the platform to target users for phishing, training, notifications, and more.

Easy Integration

It takes less than a minute to integrate the platform with the Sendgrid email server.

Easy to Manage Signatures

The DKIM, DMARC, Reverse DNS, SPF records are easy to set up for the primary domain that will be used as the sender’s email address used to target users.

SMTP Relay

Sendgrid has an SMTP relay feature that can be used to send emails from the platform to target users using a customized sender address (e.g.,

Email Delivery Status

The platform is equipped to provide easy integration with Sendgrid for all customers. Email send status, such as delivered, blocked, bounce, and error can be displayed on reports. 

Custom SMTP Headers

Custom SMTP headers can be added to emails that will be sent from the platform to the target users. Enjoy no delivery or security issues on any phishing, training campaigns, etc.

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