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Keepnet vs Competitors

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in energy, airline, insurance and banking

In 25


USA, Europe, UK and EMEA region



are actively being protected


Keepnet Labs covers all 4 phases of email-based attacks

Comparison Chart

Keepnet Labs


Fully On-premise
Cloud (SaaS)

The Life-cycle of Email-based Attacks

Data Loss

MSSPs Business Model

Company provisioning
Multi-Tenant Management
Create your own integrations

Email Threat Simulation

Misconfiguration Test
Asessment and Remediation Report
Testing with real email attacks

Phishing Simulation

On-the-fly custom subdomain creation
Password complexity checker
Cloudflare integration
Trusted SSL Support for Phishing URL’s

Incident Response

Auto remove malicious email from inboxes via Phishing Reporter
Investigation on Office365 & Exchange and Google Workspace
Cross-company integration
Custom Sandbox Integrations

Phishing Report Add-in

Tracking add-in online/offline status
Investigation on email stored on .PST files
Investigation on email stored on Archiving systems (like Enterprise Vault)
Automatically enable disabled add-in
Fully customisable

User Management

SCIM Integration
Agentless AD LDAP Integration
2FA Authentication

Awareness & Training

Put your own training content
Quiz & Certification
Track realtime user activities
HTML 5 Compatible

Threat Sharing

Build-in 3rd party IOC Feeds
Crea a community and invite members
Share threats anonymousely with community members
Start an investigation regarding community feeds

Threat Inteligence

Data Leakage Monitoring
Deepweb & Darkweb Digging
Threat Feeds
3rd Party Threat Intelligence Service Integrations

API Capabilities

Fully API driven
Any type of Customer use any type of APIs
Self-documentant API

All data on this comparison chart depends on the public data of our competitor’s website.
All third-party trademarks referenced by Keepnet Labs are the property of their respective holders. Any observations contained in this comparison are based on observations in December 2021 based on specific set of system configurations.
Subsequent updates or different configurations may result in different responses against these threats. Past performance is not indicative of future results.


What Our Users Are Saying

Less time for manual tasks in user training,more time for human intelligence related tasks

Historically, each phase of our cyber awareness program, such as performing phishing simulations, required intensive manual effort. Planning the awareness programs, assigning them to the target users, managing and reporting…

Keepnet helped us to change our employee behavior in a positive way

Keepnet is really easy to deploy and easy to use product. The support team is really proactive and very supportive. Product is really successful in finding the malicious and spam emails. Since we have limited Security Team it’s ROI for us was really fast.

We experience real attacks before they occur.

Being an IT service provider, we also needed phishing simulator to prepare our emplooyess against phishing attacks. By training our employees against phishing attacks using the Keepnet Phishing Simulator, we managed managed to achieve our training goals with our emplooyess

Keepnet labs has a lot of products and solutions in the phishing solution.

Keepnet labs have a lot of training programs which can be subscribed year-round to keep our staff up to date on cyber threats. Also, their phishing simulator helps employees to identify if the email is from a trusted source and get a real life experience.