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Mar 08, 2021 12:00 PM

1- Data breach at Bonobos hits 7 million customers: What to do

Seventy gigabytes’ worth of customer data stolen from the website of U.S. men’s clothing retailer Bonobos has been posted in a hacker forum, reports Bleeping Computer. The data includes the names and telephone numbers associated with 7 million customers or orders, 3.5 million records containing the last four digits of credit card numbers, and account information for 1.8 million customers, including passwords encrypted with the SHA-256 and SHA-512 hashing algorithms.

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2- Another ransomware now uses DDoS attacks to force victims to pay

Another ransomware gang is now using DDoS attacks to force a victim to contact them and negotiate a ransom. In October 2020, we reported that ransomware gangs were beginning to utilize DDoS attacks against a victims’ network or web site as an extra tool to force them to pay a ransom.

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3- Cyber attack: ransomware victim Montmagne city

The city of Montmagne is battling a cyber-attack a week ago that led to a complete shutdown of its computer and telephone systems. The ransomware type attack took place from 16 to 17 January. Until yesterday, most of the activities to access the computer system were still blocked, but the Town Hall phone system was finally restored, six days later.

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4- The Biggest Threats Faced by Companies in 2020

The attack against Twitter in July may seem unexpected to many. But today, many people are vulnerable in the face of increasing threats; thousands of phishing attacks occur per minute. Security threats are now a part of daily life, and according to research, the impact of attacks seems to increase. Companies are one of the structures most vulnerable to attack. In this article, we will give you information about the biggest threats faced by companies in 2020.

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