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#Weekly Cybersecurity Tip: Your IoT devices come with default privacy and security settings. Consider changing them.

Apr 26, 2021 3:32 pm

1- COVID-19-themed Cyberattack Detections Continue to Surge

McAfee released its new report, examining cybercriminal activity related to malware and the evolution of cyber threats in the third and fourth quarters of 2020. In Q4, there was an average of 648 threats per minute, an increase of 60 threats per minute (10%) over Q3.

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2- 100 Million More IoT Devices Are Exposed

New found vulnerabilities are exposing an estimated 100 million devices worldwide, including an array of internet-of-things products and IT management servers.

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3- Man Arrested for AWS Bomb Plot

A man caught in an FBI sting allegedly said he wanted to destroy “70 percent of the internet” by going after the tech giant’s data centers.

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4- NSA: 5 Security Bugs Under Active Nation-State Cyberattack

Widely deployed platforms from Citrix, Fortinet, Pulse Secure, Synacor and VMware are all in the crosshairs of APT29, bent on stealing credentials and more.

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