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#Weekly Cybersecurity Tip: Beware of social engineering. When hackers can’t find a vulnerability, they’ll attack your mind.

Jul 5, 2021 11:41 am

1- Widespread Brute-Force Attacks Tied to Russia’s APT28

U.S. and U.K. authorities are warning that the APT28 advanced-threat actor (APT) – a.k.a. Fancy Bear or Strontium, among other names – has been using a Kubernetes cluster in a widespread campaign of brute-force password-spraying attacks against hundreds of government and private sector targets worldwide.

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2- Bitcoin Cyber Attacks Surge Following Rising Demand

Phishing impersonations and business email compromise (BEC) attacks designed to steal victims’ Bitcoin surged by 192% recently. Bitcoin-themed cyber attacks have typically been used in extortion and ransomware attacks in the past, but hackers have now started to incorporate cryptocurrency into spear phishing.

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3- Attackers Already Unleashing Malware for Apple MacOS M1 Chip

Apple Macs are growing in popularity in the enterprise – as is the number of malware variants targeting macOS. But the muchanticipated arrival of Apple’s new system-on-achip, the M1, has spawned a new generation of macOS-specific malware tools.

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4- Phishing Attack Targets DocuSign and SharePoint Users

Cyber security researchers reported that cybercriminals are mimicking legitimate correspondence to actively target popular cloud applications DocuSign and SharePoint in phishing attacks designed to steal user log-in credentials.

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